I'm a Celeb got festive last night as Fleur and James stepped into a tinsel-covered Bush Clearing, where Dec and Holly revealed to them the Christmas inspired task "Ding Dong Merrily Up High." Fleur was chosen to dress as Santa Claus while James became Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but it was quickly pointed out by Holly "Rudolph usually has a red nose."

However, like many families at Christmas, the day did not go by without a disagreement. After James was selected to participate in the Bushtucker Trial, the campmates were left with a choice between Emily and Fleur.

Harry decided to make it fair and hide a small rock in one hand and let the choice be made by luck.

But, Emily was unhappy telling Harry "You'll swap it if it's me because you'll want Fleur to do it," but the campmate reassured her as Nick responded with "He's not gonna cheat a b****y thing like that". Sadly for Emily, she failed to pick the correct hand and lost out to Fleur.

Christmas Jungle

After the duo was informed of their costume changes, they were also told that the Bushtucker Trial was 30 meters above Jungle ground. Dec and Holly almost forgot a vital piece of information before sending Fleur and James up to the parallel platforms, Dec telling them "Oh there's that other thing we haven't mentioned," before letting them know that James would also be blindfolded.

The pair had 15 minutes to complete the trial which had Fleur attempting to navigate a blindfolded reindeer across an obstacle-ridden platform, but James was incredibly trusting of Fleur as he followed her instructions and managed to make it across the platform without falling off.

It being a Bushtucker Trial the campmates also had to make sure they got all six stars to feed their campmates back at Croc Creek.

The stars came in the form of presents, which James had to throw at Fleur from his platform to hers unable to see her, it was up to Fleur to catch them and put them in her sack.

There was one more surprise for James as the final star require him to take "A leap of faith" to grab the last star, which he unfortunately just missed, but in doing so managed to face up to one of his biggest fears "Bungee Jumping." In the end, the duo earnt an impressive 4/6 stars for their fellow campmates.

Dingo Dollar geography

Emily got a chance to participate in a task with James when it came to last night's Dingo Dollar Challange. Emily was excited as always to take part, as she was attached to the bungee cord that would send her soaring into the Jungle to match a country's flag to the corresponding plaque that was dropped to them.

Emily's geography skills were tested, but James seemed to have a greater knowledge of world flags and together they worked to win the Dingo Dollars, unfortunately, the campmates failed to correctly answer a travel-related question and lost out on a plate of "Millionaire Shortbread".

Jungle Dollhouse

Perhaps the scariest part of last night's I'm a Celeb was a Creepy Jungle Dollhouse where Harry, Emily and John would have to spend the night in order to win a luxury breakfast for themselves and their fellow campmates.

Throughout the night the dolls would cry and call out names, it was then up to the trio to find the crying doll and tuck them up in bed.

Harry took his usual no mess stance telling Emily "We're here now and we have to do it," when she began to panic and scream, while John took his usual soft and supportive approach to his best friend's squeals.

Nick is sixth

Nick who had previously been a favourite to win became the sixth campmate to leave the Jungle last night. His time in the Jungle was spent putting his fellow campmates' needs before his own and producing DIY washing lines to make their time in Croc Creek more like home.

Nick Knowles also reached number one with his 2017 album "Every Kind Of People," on iTunes thanks to the help of Radio DJ, Chris Moyles.