After discovering his cover of "Make You Feel My Love," had hit number one on iTunes, Nick could not help but sing the tune around camp. The DIY SOS Host had played with Biffy Clyro on a rooftop bar in SoHo before releasing his album "Every Kind Of People," late last year and since his stint in the Jungle one of his tunes has hit the charts.

Despite his sprained ankle, John was ready and willing to take on a Bushtucker Trial, and after losing out to Emily the night before he was a top choice for "Rotten Retrieval," alongside fellow campmate Fleur.

Rotten Retrieval

In last night's Bushtucker Trial, Fleur once again showed the nation her superhuman abilities. Although John was also at the trial, his injury meant he had less of a role in actually grabbing any stars. The musical campmate instead had to lie in a pit, while he undid a series of knots connected to a "Tool," that would be crucial in Fleur's ability to get the stars.

Last night's trial was one of the more harder trial's of this series of I'm a Celeb, as Fleur had to climb, swim and crawl through a tunnel and collect keys, all while being joined by some Jungle friends such as; green ants and huntsman spiders. John was also joined by a series of Critters.

Once Fleur had gathered all the keys, she had to unlock the five padlocks that kept John trapped in his pit and retrieve the "Tool." But this was not the end for Fleur, who then had to make her way back through the tunnel and used the alan key style "Tool," to unlock the stars from the wall.

Fleur struggled to hold her breath and unlock the stars from the wall, as the ten-minute time limit grew closer and closer to its end. However the singer managed to power through, and with barely a second left Fleur grabbed the last star and crawled back up to meet Dec and Holly. The pair returned to camp with a full house, where John made sure to let his fellow campmates know that Fleur was the one to thank.

The Jungle Arms

However, the news of an evening at the pub did not please everyone as Nick stood motionless as the rest of his campmates cheered at the news. Hearing about his newest number one hit, seemed to have brought out the diva in Nick who had previously been a happy and supportive member of Croc Creek.

To even enter the VIP Pub the campmates had to queue up and wait for their turn to answer a series of "Pub Quiz Questions," a right answer got them instant access to "The Jungle Arms" whereas a wrong answer sent them to the back of the queue.

Emily and Harry were the only two campmates to have multiple goes at the quiz.

Emily was unsure of who Henry VIII's first wife was, while Harry was just too slow to click the correct answer, despite seemingly knowing the right answer. But it was third time lucky and a question about potatoes that finally gained Harry entrance into "The Jungle Arms."

Once in the Jungle themed pub, the campmates enjoyed bar snacks, drinks, and chips which got Emily and Harry the most excited when brought to the table. But the night didn't end there, after teaching Harry some dance moves, the campmates enjoyed some Guitar Music from James McVey and of course, Nick Knowles himself.

The campmates that couldn't play were then given their chance to entertain as it was also Karaoke Night.

Best friends Emily and John sang "Summer Lovin'" from the musical "Grease", while Anne bravely stood up to sing Abba's "Mamma Mia," last was Harry who performed his own rendition of Frank Sinatra's "My Way," in typical Harry style.

Anne is done

Anne cheered as her name was announced as the fifth campmate to leave the 2018 Celebrity Jungle. A much different character to the woman she was on her first teary-eyed nights in the Jungle. Anne has tackled two Bushtucker Trials, made a new group of loving supportive friends and inspired many others with Autism across the country.

Although Anne does not claim to be the voice of people with Autism, her time in the Jungle taught her Campmates and fans of the show a lot more about her diagnosis then they might have previously known. "The Governess" also taught her campmates a few new facts as they participated in daily quizzes to help Anne get through her time in the Jungle.