It's week seven of "The Apprentice" and many fans of the show are still wondering where Lord Sugar found this year's candidates, who are seemingly clueless when it comes to simple things such as; doughnuts and shoe design. This week the teams were challenged with an urban gardening task, and once again viewers were left stunned by some of the decisions made by candidates.

This task was made for Tom Bunday, a Tree Surgeon Company Owner, who immediately put himself forward as PM for Team Typhoon. While on Team Collaborative, Lord Sugar strongly suggested that Lifestyle Brand Owner, Daniel Elahi put himself forward, having not yet been PM on any task.

Horticulture and deck displays

This week's Apprentice's most amusing moments came from both teams' decisions to buy cheap, charge high and do very little work in the meantime. But their plans did not work out for their clients, who were happy to tell the candidates exactly what they thought of the work. Kadija Kaliffa, Eco Cleaning company owner and sponsorship consultant, Jackie Fast were even told "I just want you out of my shop now," by one client.

However, Team Collaborative did manage to get a "Wow" from their rooftop bar client but despite their hard work and great design, the bar became impractical. In the end, the client knocked nearly £1,000 off the agreed price. Team Typhoon also failed to impress their rooftop client, after PM Tom switched over to the mobile team, and only received a payment of £400 instead of the £2,100 that they were hoping to receive.

Surprising firing

Team Collaborative took the win by a difference of a more than £800 profit over Team Typhoon. It didn't take long for the team to blame each other for the loss, but in the end, a disappointed Tom chose to bring professional speaker, Kayode Damali and Sabrina Stocker owner of a tennis events company back to the boardroom.

PM Tom seemed like the prime candidate to be fired given the link between his career choice and the week's task.

In the end, it was Kayode who heard the dreaded "You're fired" as he faced the finger and was sent packing. Despite his strong personality and charm throughout past tasks, Lord Sugar told the professional speaker "I don't think you have the calibre of what I'm looking for in the long-term."

Next week a common Apprentice task returns, as candidates are tasked with selling artwork, and this time candidates are faced with selling contemporary collections.