Looks like the guys of “The Curse of Oak Island are on the right track as Gary has found another treasure on the mystic island. Prior to the season even starting, there were a lot of doubts about the show and many viewers questioned if the treasure is actually true. Probably the most significant artefact they were able to find is the iron cross which is believed to be the possession of the storied Knights Templar.

After that momentous discovery, the show suffered a tough break as they hadn't found any new evidence about the biggest treasure on the land.

Also, the Lagina brothers have been called out by a lot of people saying these riches are all hoaxes. To be fair with the naysayers, they have a great insight on why they are starting to dislike the show and the Lagina brothers. It was reported on the internet a few weeks ago that some spectators stormed their location and confront the showrunners. However, this rumour died down when that particular post on Reddit was removed.

The brilliance of Gary Drayton

Gary Drayton seems to be destined as a treasure hunter, he alone was able to discover the biggest treasure in the show's history, which is the iron cross. Drayton was also responsible for finding two gemstone brooches in an area where the team thought was deserted.

As shown on the latest footage of “The Curse of Oak Island”, Drayton revealed to Marty Lagina his latest discovery which is a small piece of gold. Marty was surprised about his discovery and excited to find more treasure. They are on the right track and it is only a matter of time until they recover the long-lost treasure of the infamous island.

Impressive numbers

On the other hand, the Tuesday cable ratings were just released and “The Curse of Oak Island” picked up where they left off. The 9 PM primetime battle between several shows is one of the hardest in the business, but the History Channel struck gold with “The Curse of Oak Island”. Although this is not their highest rating ever recorded, they are on a great start for their most anticipated season.

Hopefully, they will maintain this course, as there are rumours already that this show might be axed anytime soon because of their ratings. Lastly, there were some images posted on social media about huge types of machinery on the set of “The Curse of Oak Island”. The showrunners are tight-lipped about it, but as per confirmation from one of the production staff, they are going all in this season. Again, this is just speculation from a variety of spectators and until we see what they are claiming, then that’s the only time that we are going to believe them.