This week on "The Apprentice" candidates took on the task of marketing a new budget airline, and in classic Apprentice fashion, both teams came up with ideas that completely missed the runway.

In this turbulent new task, Team Collaborative lead actor, Kurran Pooni, chose to party on their Jet Pop airline while Team Typhoon's PM Sabrina Stocker, a tennis event company owner, and her team, chose a more serious approach with Manage-Air. However, both teams failed to take off when it came to pitching their marketing campaigns to industry experts.

Jet Pop flop

Kurran chose sponsorship consultant, Jackie Fast and Nut Milk brand winner, Camilla Ainsworth to be part of his subteam after both boasted about their marketing experiences. But the women were more concerned with the party element over practicality when it came to the bright red and blue uniform, as Jackie tried her best not to flash any of the industry experts she showed them the different ways to wear Jet Pop's "beach-friendly outfit."

Team Collaborative was also criticised for their choice of name, "Jet Pop" and how it was in bad taste for an airline company. Their logo that represented an explosion also had industry experts worried that passengers would be turned off and have distrust towards the airline.

The promotion of a party atmosphere on an aeroplane also looked bad for the team

Meanwhile, Team Typhoon took a more conservative approach in their choice of advertisement and uniform for Manage-Air. However, during their presentation Solicitor, Sarah Ann Magson looked less than comfortable in the uniform that was compared to Fly Emirates.

In comparison to their opposition, Manage-Air was seen as boring and humourless, despite Tree Surgeon's Tom Bunday's enthusiasm for the campaign.

Boardroom spoilers

It was no surprise when Team Typhoon were left sad-faced in the boardroom when Jackie's claim that the explosive symbol in Jet Pop's logo was an "Explosion of fun," failed to thrill industry experts.

Lord Sugar was unimpressed with Collaborative's performance, telling them that anyone looking at their campaign with "fresh eyes" would not know they were advertising an airline.

Karren Brady was also unimpressed with the choice of uniform, telling Jackie and Camilla: "The stewardesses' main role is the safety of the passengers, not to dolly up." The branding team recognised their mistakes and owned up to them, but PM Kurran stood his ground, believing that his poorly executed advert was a hit.

After choosing to bring Kajdija Kalifa, Eco Cleaning company owner, and Camilla back to the boardroom, and a multitude of mistakes in previous tasks, it was Kurran who faced the finger and heard "you're fired," from Lord Sugar. However, some fans of the show wondered why Kurran did not bring Jackie back to the boardroom, as she pushed many of the ideas that ultimately lead to the team's failure.