The coast of Nova Scotia is historically one of the best places to go treasure hunting. It also has one of the most prominent islands in the world which is called “Oak Island”. This tiny island looks normal, however, it holds many mysteries that even to this day, no treasure hunter or archaeologist has been able to uncover. What is on the island? Where exactly is the “Money Pit”? What is inside those chambers?

Everyone wants to know if the stories are true

Ever since the Lagina Brothers started the show Curse of Oak Island, treasure hunters all over the world viewed their expedition with much anticipation.

It's no secret that everybody wants to know if the stories about the island are actually true. For the past six seasons, the cast of the show has unearthed some unexpected precious stones and artefacts much to viewers' surprise. Probably, the most precious treasure they discovered is the small medieval cross that is believed to be from the Knights Templar. If this is actually true, then they have a shot at rewriting history.

Going back to the “Money Pit”, this remarkable place was discovered accidentally by a boy named Daniel McGinnis in 1795. Who knew that this land which measures less than 150 acres across has so many precious treasures. However, apparently McGinnis was sceptical the first time he saw it and there was also a sign of fear when he noticed that there was a tackle block hanging in a large Oak Tree.

Daniel was able to convince his friends to check the area and they were astonished when they saw a shaft filled with dirt. Eventually, they kept on digging with professional help and heavy pieces of machinery. Every 10 feet, they are greeted with an eerie platform and some odd materials like a huge block of stone with unusual markings.

This sparked the controversy about a possible extraterrestrial activity surrounding the area. Daniel and his team tried several times to uncover the mystery of Oak Island, but every time they got deeper, the tunnels are flooded. After 200 years, a variety of treasure hunters stormed the area. It was also suggested by an archaeologist that Oak Island or specifically “Money Pit” is a sinkhole.

The only problem is, there are contradicting pieces of evidence about it being a “natural” sinkhole and it is more of a man-made chamber.

Conspiracy theories

Various theories state that the treasure these fortune seekers are trying to unveil is the riches of Captain Kidd, who was a known pirate from the 1600s. According to historians, the renowned Captain hid his treasure East of Boston on a small island. However, they haven’t provided enough evidence to acknowledge their theory. Another theory is that these treasures belong to the Vikings who ruled the sea hundreds of years ago and of course, the Freemasons.

Some conspiracy theories even suggest that the “Money Pit” might contain Marie Antoinette’s precious jewels.

This theory was widely supported as one archaeologist was able to provide at least some evidence. The only problem is, when he was about to reveal the secret passages and artifacts, he met his untimely death. Lastly, the most supported theory in the history of “Oak Island” is, that this small island was the last resting place of the “Holy Grail” which was hidden by the Knights Templar.

The only thing guaranteed with the legendary “Money Pit” is, whoever created it is hiding something. Either it’s precious jewellery, gold bars, valuable artefacts or even extraterrestrial secrets, this builder has tried to bury the secret that they don’t want us to know.