"Taboo" is the new series that BBC will run to kickstart their new "reinvention" of Television drama nights. Families love to stay in and do the family movies thing and this is not showing any sign of dying off. The new foray from Sunday to Saturday might be one way of getting viewers who really don't want to chase around the night spots. "Taboo" is the first up, so let's see if this will be the home-staying magnet that will snaffle a new generation of cannot-miss drama fans.

BBC Saturday drama kickstarter is 'Taboo'

The "Taboo" series was created by Steven Knight, Tom Hardy, and his dad, Chips.

There will be eight episodes in the mini-series. Back in September on the "American Horror Story : Roanoke premier," the first advertisement for the new series promised it would hit in early 2017, and true to this the BBC will run it. Tom Hardy will be starring in the drama which is focussed on an African adventurer - James Delaney. Returning to Britain along with 14 stolen diamonds, his mission is to try and seek vengeance after the death of his father. Set in 1813 Delaney will end up in a "face-off against the East India Company while playing a dangerous game between two warring nations," reports Deadline Hollywood.

Great 'Taboo' lineup of directors and producers

The directors of the miniseries "Taboo" - and there are two of them, include Kristoffer Nyholm of "the Killings" who directed the first four episodes, and Anders Engström will do the other episodes.

Chips Hardy is involved as a consulting producer. Executive producer is Ridley Scott, of the eight one-hour episodes and he has directed some magnificent screen in the past, including "Gladiator," "Black Hawk Down," and "Blade Runner."

Television series already garnering interest over Taboo's accuracy

The "Taboo" series is already gaining some interest as there is some controversy over the whole plot.

The Telegraph reported that historians are already seething over the incorrect portrayal of the East India Company. Britain was very proud of the East India Company and it has been said they helped to put the "Great" into Great Britain, but this movie makes it into something far more "sinister." Scriptwriter Steven Knight was reported to have said that "the East India Company would be depicted as the historical equivalent of 'the CIA, the NSA, and the biggest, baddest multinational corporation on earth.'"

The new series will air on BBC One on Saturday the 7th of January 2017. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer below and get an idea if you will be one of those staying in on Saturday nights.