Listen up everyone - there`s big news for those who want to immerse themselves back into the world of witches and wizards. "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" will take you back into the world of Harry Potter, But with a new hero on a new mission seventy years before Harry Potter was born.

It all starts with a seemingly ordinary suitcase that`s anything but what it seems. But when Newt Scamander`s suitcase accidently ends up in the hands of a human or nonmag, it sends Newt running around trying to rescue his escaped creatures. While another creature he is familiar with is wreaking havoc around New York, The phantom-like creature has inhabited an orphan someone left behind and made a monster, Newt`s creatures and this phantasm both have the potential to destroy America as well as exposing the wizarding community.

There being a potential for magic to be exposed prompts the Magical Congress of The United States to get involved and hire a rogue aurora Graves to bring in Newt and Tina .

The Awesome Foursome

Along the way, Newt meets some friends who help him navigate his way around New York. He first meets Jacob Kowalski in the bank where Newt is chasing one of his creatures who has a fetish for shiny objects. When Newt later offers him an egg as collateral to open his bakery. Jacob begins to discover that there is more than the world he inhabits. Then they later mistakenly swap suitcases you feel sure that they will cross paths again. They do when Newt chases one of his creatures and it bites the man. Hot on Newt`s tail is Tina (Porpentina) Goldstein a demoted aurora.

Tina`s roommate Mary Lou who develops a soft spot for Jacob is fun loving and up for adventure. She is only too happy to help Newt in his quest to find his escaped animals.

From Zero to Hero

At the beginning of the film, Newt is viewed with suspicion. using magic out in the open is not prohibited, When magic is exposed and begins to wreck the city.

It is up to him and his friends to save magic from exposure. One of his creatures a beautiful golden eagle makes it rainwater that makes everyone forget. At the end, Newt leaves after showing people that the things you are most afraid of can be a thing of beauty. And that a little understanding goes a long way when it comes to confronting your fears. Look out for some familiar faces such as Eddie Redmayne as Newt, Colin Farrell as Graves and Samantha Morton as Mary Lou.