Christmas is coming early for Netflix subscribers as the streaming giant premieres a smorgasbord of film and television treats this December. There is so much to watch this month and so little time to do it in, especially if you have your pesky relatives visiting this Christmas. So here are my recommendations for the coming weeks. Happy holidays!

Christmas Presents

Anomalisa - December 11th

From the creative mind of Charlie Kaufman comes this darkly funny, existential animation for adults. It's a boy meets girl story told in stop-motion and is relevant for anybody who finds it difficult to relate to others in a meaningful way.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - December 11th

Based on Douglas Adam's novel of the same novel, this co-production between Netflix and BBC America stars Samuel Barnett as the holistic detective Dirk Gently and Elijah Wood as his reluctant sidekick Todd who solve crimes by following interconnected random events.

Bone Tomahawk - 12th December

Not a film to watch before your Christmas dinner (or just after), this is a remarkable and brilliant hybrid of the western and cannibal genres. Kurt Russell's sheriff leads a posse of men, including Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, and Richard Jenkins, on a mission to rescue potential human dinner from flesh-eating tribesmen. This film is destined for cult status.

Tale of Tales - 12th December

Fairy tales have always been based on the stuff of nightmares and this film does not shy away from them. Strictly for adults, this is one of the strangest and most brilliant films you will see this year. Toby Jones, Selma Hayek and John C Reilly star in three highly unusual tales featuring sea dragons, ogres and a giant flea, all based on 17th century Neapolitan folk stories.

trollhunters - 23rd December

From the brilliant imagination of Guillermo Del Toro comes this fantastical Netflix exclusive animated series. The much missed Anton Yelchin voices Jim who discovers a mystical amulet that reveals a secret world populated by trolls hidden beneath his hometown.

Green Room - 27th December

From 'Blue Ruin' director, Jeremy Saulnier, this suspenseful thriller stars Anton Yelchin as the leader of a punk rock band who are forced to face off against a neo-nazi gang led by the wonderfully sinister Patrick Stewart in a run-down club in deepest, darkest Oregon.

The Hunt for the Wilderpeople - 31st December

Recently topping Empire magazine's movies of the year this New Zealand produced film is low on budget but big on heart. 13-year old delinquent Ricky is sent to live with crotchety foster dad Sam Neill by child services. The pair struggle to bond but when they are forced to go on the run a national manhunt begins and the two become the 'wilderpeople' of the title.

Eddie the Eagle - 31st December

Based on the true story of Eddie 'the eagle' Edwards, this is the feel-good story of the courageous skier who wasn't very good at the sport but never stopped trying. This is a delightful and funny film with spirited playing from Taron Egerton as Eddie and Hugh Jackman as his rebellious coach.

Not just stocking fillers

These are some of the other film and tv treats waiting to be unwrapped.

Blue Jay - 6th December

The latest film from the Duplass Brothers, this romantic drama is exclusive to Netflix.

Spectral - 9th December

Another Netflix exclusive this sci-fi action movie sees a Special Ops team come up against a brutal assault from supernatural beings.

Medici: Masters of Florence - 9th December

Drama series set in 15th century Florence. Dustan Hoffman stars in this historical thriller about the rise and fall of the Medici dynasty.

Race - 15th December

Biographical sports drama about Jesse Owens who overcomes Adolf Hitler and white supremacy at the 1936 Olympics.

Little Men - 31st December

Powerful drama about two boys who find their friendship put to the test because of their feuding parents.