Jeffrey Dean Morgan stomped on "The Walking Dead" fans last week. Not only did he take a baseball bat to Abraham's head, but killed Glenn. After all that uncertainty of whether Glenn was dead or not, we had hoped that the fears were over. Instead, Neegan became the most hated character on TV. But rather than focus on the negatives, Jensen Ackles decided to take to Twitter to discuss a few things. Mainly, he brought a bit of "Supernatural" to social media.

Dad's on a 'The Walking Dead' hunting trip

For those who haven't followed Morgan before, he was on TV show "Supernatural." He played John Winchester, the father of the two lead brothers on the show.

In fact, the show all started because Morgan's character had gone on a hunting trip and hadn't been seen in a few days. Elder brother Dean went to find his younger brother Sam so they could find their dad.

Why is this so important? Well, long before Neegan's big debut on "The Walking Dead," "Supernatural" fans were already getting ready with memes. It appears the "Supernatural" cast was already ready. More importantly, Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean, was at the ready.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen Ackles joke on social media

The crossover between "The Walking Dead" and "Supernatural" all started with Ackles sharing a few pictures on Twitter. He included the baseball bat that Neegan used, telling Morgan that he'd found it in the Impala.

It could have been left there, but Morgan couldn't help but respond and it had the SPN Family screaming from behind their computers.

Rather than just focus on the bat, Morgan decided to bring up some "Supernatural" season 2 memories.

Reminding Ackles that he'd already died for his son, he asked for the bat to be stashed under the spare, along with a certain leather jacket that had been left behind.

It's great to know that past cast members are still part of the SPN Family, even if they are on different shows. Now if only Neegan could soften up. John Winchester wasn't going to win any "greatest dad in the world" awards, but he was a much better person than "The Walking Dead's" Neegan!