If you're still wondering how the zombies came about in "The Walking Dead," then look no further. Netflix thinks it has the answer, and it's all linked to "Breaking Bad." Some people at the streaming company have far too much time on their hands, but it is also possible that the little Easter eggs have been thrown into the shows to help fans connect the pieces without officially being told that the two are connected. It would be very easy, considering the two shows are on the same network. If you're wondering how the shows could connect, here are the theories.

See if you agree.

The Dixons look like they have Blue Sky

It looks like the Dixons have their stash of Blue Sky, which was the big drug of choicein "Breaking Bad." It's certainly possible that Jesse Pinkman did sell to Merle Dixon at some point. In fact, Daryl gives the story of what happened, which involves the famous "Breaking Bad" line "I'm gonna kill you, bitch."

The theory is that the chemicals within the drug are the reason for the zombie creation. Could that be the case? If so, why haven't the Dixons been affected? Netflix doesn't really go into the reason for this, but does suggest that the first zombie in "The Walking Dead" was Gus Fring, based on a certain look post-explosion.

Glenn drives a Dodge Challenger

It's not just the the type of car but the exact colouring that this theory is based on. Walt Jr. is forced to take a certain red Dodge Challenger back to "Glenn's Car Lot" in season 4 of "Breaking Bad." It just so happens to be the exact same colour with black stripes as the car that Glenn (RIP Glenn) drives in "The Walking Dead" season 1.

Wait, doesn't the car explode in "Breaking Bad?" Yes, this is where some of the theory can be debunked. There's also the issue that Glenn wasn't a car salesman before the zombie apocalypse in "The Walking Dead."

There are very high chances that the two shows don't connect. Really the theories are just there for entertainment.

Chances are the Easter eggs are just there for those who really enjoy AMC shows, and there could be connections in many others. Think of it like Disney, which constantly puts Easter eggs from other movies within each one. How about we just enjoy the entertainment value and theories behind "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead" connecting? After all, we enjoyed the crossover between "The Walking Dead" and "Supernatural" on Twitter just for fun, right?