Spoiler alert: This story contains spoilers for The Walking Dead.

Ever since the end of the last episode of the season six in April of this year, fans ofThe Walking Dead have been occupied with the mysterious person which was killed in the last scene. In the season six finale, new character Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was seen bludgeoning someone to death with his Lucille, a barbed-wire-covered baseball bat.

The victim of his attack was not shown, which created a huge amount of speculation during the last six months. Some fans were so frustrated with this decision, that they decided to sign a petition to protest this kind of behaviour.

Variety even run a poll on the identity of murdered character (http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/poll-who-does-negan-kill-1201885889/), with Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) coming out as the most likely victim.

However, some viewers were shocked to find out that it was the Glenn (Steven Yeun) who got assasinated in the last season’s finale. One of the rare original characters from season one, Glenn was already thought to be killed during the previous season. After finding himslef among the pack of zombies, Glenn was presumed dead, until he resurfaced four episodes later. Though surprising for some, the killing of Glenn by Negan was in line with the actual events in the comics on which theshow is based.

The reaction to Glenn’s death among the fans was overwhelming, with social media witnessing huge amount of comments and posts on this topic. Glenn was one of the audience favourites and many reacted negatively to this discovery. The actor himself abstained from commenting the killing of his character and he didn’t make any statements in the media.

With the cliffhanger finally being resolved, the new seventh season of The Walking Dead promises even more uninhibited excitement. The first episode has already shown that the creators of the series had decided to make some radical moves and that the new season would see some unexpected changes and twists in the story.