It's been a while since we've had to deal with the shocking start to "The Walking Dead" season 7. How many of us really thought that we'd say goodbye to both Glenn and Abraham in the same episode? And in the way that it happened? Negan has quickly become the character to despise in all this, and this week's episode looks like we have to say goodbye to another character, without evening seeing that character die. Is that really the case or is "The Walking Dead" having us on?

Has Maggie really given up?

It seemed a little anti-climatic when Rick told Negan that Maggie had died.

We saw a grave and everything after Negan's premature arrival to Alexandria Safe Haven to collect his taxes. That doesn't really mean that Maggie is gone, though, does it? It just doesn't seem right in taking her out that way, and there's a sort of feeling of "Prison Break" when they decided to kill Sara off only to bring her back in season 4. Yes, "Prison Break" was different with contract issues, but there was still that feeling of lack of closure.

Maggie doesn't seem like the type of character to just give up. She has been through a lot. They all have, really, but she could have given up so much earlier than this. This isn't the Maggie that we know.

The post credits clip told all in 'The Walking Dead'

Fans who kept watching until the very end will be happy to know that it was all a ploy. Maggie is safe somewhere, and Rick wanted to keep Negan off her scent. That is why he even showed a grave; to make Negan think that Maggie was gone and couldn't be taken. If Negan knew that Maggie was alive, chances are she wouldn't live to see another day.

But it isn't all over yet. There is still time for Negan to find out about Maggie, and "The Walking Dead" fans know that it will eventually happen. The real question is when that will happen. It looks like there's going to be a trip to the Hilltop next week, which could leave her in trouble unless someone is able to hide her first.

Right now, anyone could be next. Negan is making it clear that nobody is safe in true "The Walking Dead" fashion. Find out what happens to Maggie next Sunday on AMC.