Ciara and Future were engaged in October 2013 after a few months of dating. A few months later in January, Ciara announced that she was pregnant (a secret she had managed to hide for months). Their son Future Zahir Wilburn was born and the couple seemed so in love. But merely 4 months following Future Junior's birth the couple broke up, though they briefly got back together, this did not last long and in March 2015, her song "I Bet" came out, obviously slamming Future and talking about his infidelity during their relationship.

Russell Wilson enters the picture

In April 2015, a few months later, Ciara and the Seattle Seahawks star started dating and this did not go down well with Future at all. He seized every opportunity to slander her; calling their relationship a publicity stunt, calling her an unfit mother and expressing his disapproval of Russell's engagementwith baby future. This led to Ciara suing Future for defamation and a battle that has ensued ever since with many siding with either Future or Ciara. Many such as Wendy Williams also speculated about Ciara and Russell's relationship, claiming they would not make it down the aisle and mockingtheir decision to abstain from sex prior to their marriage.

Pregnancy announced

Earlier this year in July, Ciara and Russell did walk down the aisle. She was overjoyed and her baby Future and Russell seemed to be the perfectfamily (though the feud withFuture continued). Earlier this week on her birthday, Ciara took to Instagram to announce that she and Russell were expectingtheir first baby together.

Confirming the speculations that have been swilling around Social media.

Many saw a problem with this though and Ciarafoundherself yet again the centerof controversy as she was castigated and called names for having the baby 'too fast." Nevertheless, social media went wild with the news, claiming that they had not in fact been celibate and that she had been pregnant prior to their wedding.

They claimed she had moved on too fast and somehow found it logical to shame a woman who had been celibate for 2 years prior to her marriage for announcing her pregnancy with her husband. Others continued to announce that their marriage would not last whilst others just congratulated them and kept it moving. It just appears as if people are hell-bent on being bitter.

There is no word yet on Future's reaction to Ciara's pregnancy but considering he is caught in a divorce scandal with Scott and Larsa Pippen, it is safe to say he has his hands full at the moment.

What are your thoughts on Ciara's pregnancy? Is it too soon? Do you think she was probably pregnantbefore they got married? Or do you think everyone should just mind their business and allow them to live their life in peace?