"The Walking Dead" is one of the most discussed and followed TV Series of this decade. AMC has obtained incredible results and the TV Series has generated a spin-off "Fear the Walking Dead". Season six ending was breathtaking. Let's find out what happened.

TWDSeason 6 Ending

The previous season finale ended on a tragic note for both fans and critics: a huge cliffhanger concludedthe 6x16. Critics hated this imposition. This cliffhanger had fans waiting for months in order to find out more about Negan's killing. Season six introduces Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.The character's addition creates many problems for our beloved protagonists: they are forced to helplessly witnessto the death of one of their own.

Negan in the Kirkman's Comics

All the fans who love TWD comics were eagerly waiting for the introduction of this evil and troubled villain. Negan has been introduced in the number #100, and he has become a fan favourite character for his complex psychology and his crazy behaviour. We still don't know how the writers are going to handle this character and if they are going to change details from the comics, but Negan's introduction was definitely spot-on.

Spoiler: The Walking Dead 7x01- Glenn and Abraham die

On Sunday evening, AMC aired the season premiere of TWD season 7 and we now have the answer: Glenn Rheeand Abraham are the ones who didn't make it. Glenn risked to diein season 6, but unexpectedly survived.

It's time to say goodbye to Steven Yeun. His death is bloody violent and brutal. His wife, Maggie has to witness his death while expecting his child. Negan's first victim was Abraham: he brutally killed him with Lucille. After this terrible act of violence, he decides that he hadn't enough and beatGlenn to death. Glennstill has the force to say: "Maggie, I'll find you".

Then he dies.Rick is also almost forced to cut his son's arm.These are the latest casualtiesin "The Walking Dead" history.

"The Walking Dead" starts its seventh season with a brutallytragic and violent episode. What will Negan do next? Don't miss my follow-up article about "The Defenders" and have a look at my articles about Netflix's shows "Black Mirror" and "The Crown".