It was no secret that the American Election was underway for the last year. Britain has constantly reported on it, especially as the results night got closer. Many in the United Kingdom feared that Donald Trump winning would cause a major problem for their country, and couldn't cope once they heard that the majority had voted for the Republican candidate. Now the people of Britain have taken to social media to share their uproar and anger at the American decision to put President Trump into the White House.

A throwback to the Brexit referendum

Many people in Britain have compared the American Election 2016 with the Brexit referendum from June.

People have been completely divided, and both votes have brought up animosity and hatred between people. As soon as Trump was officially announced as the winner of the election, the British took to social media to liken it to the Brexit vote, where people voted to leave the European Union.

There have been various connections to the two sides. Those who voted for leaving the EU and for Trump to become president have been called "racists" and "idiots" across social media. There are many who have taken to unfollowing and unfriending people because of their political views, either because they don't like the hatred or simply because they disagree.

The negativity and the gloating

Losing isn't always easy.

People take to social media to express their upset, but the British seem to be taking it harder than the Americans (and it was an American Election). They have taken to sharing their hatred for the American decisions, throwing insults at various types of people across the United States. However, it possibly hasn't been helped by the gloating.

Those who supported Trump's nomination have taken to social media to share their joy in their win. There were many political experts and opinion polls stating that Hillary Clinton was going to win, but the American Election result proved to be the opposite.

This has become the norm for many voting outcomes in recent years.

People take to social media to share their opinions and views, even when they had no ability to vote in the elections or referendums. The American Election has not been the first and won't be the last where other nations express their discomfort and upset at results.