"The Walking Dead" has returned with a crazy episode. It was dramatic, it was so violent and we lost two main characters. Negan is this season's protagonist and he is totally insane and evil. Season 7 started literally with a BANG, or we could say: with the scary Lucille's noise. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was stunning.Let's recap the season premiere and have a look at what's coming next.

TWD 7x01: The Day Will Come When You Won't Be - Recap

As I already stated, the season premiere was truly insane. "The Walking Dead" 7x01picked upwhere we left off. After a Series of flashbacks we get to know who isNegan's choice: he decides that his victim will be Abraham.

He violently hits him and kills him right away. Abraham has still the chance to pass away with dignity and pride, his final words are: "Suck my nuts". Negan is still not satisfied, he decides that he wants to kill another member of the group, and the heartbreaking choice is Glenn. I really loved him, and witnessing to his disturbing death was awful. His last sweet words are for Maggie: "I will find you, Maggie". And he is gone. Rick tries to take control of the situation, but it's just a trap: he lost every bit of strenght and he is almost forced to cut his son's arm. The situation is tragic.

'The Walking Dead' Spoilers

The first look at this Sunday's episode shows a devasted Rick Grimes who tells to the group: "I am not in charge anymore, Negan is".

How long will this situation last? We know that in the comics Maggie will not accept easily the new status quo and she will lead the "All Out War". She won't be a follower of the new leadership and she will stand up against Negan. We are still not sure if the TV series will follow this storyline, but after Glenn's killing, it seems likely possible.

Maggie has so many reasons to fight against the new tyrant, but she is pregnant. We'll also find out in the next episode, how Carol and Daryl are dealing with their dangerous situation.

TWD 7x02 Promo

Have a look at "The Walking Dead" 7x02 preview:

Season sevenhas begunwith such an incredible amount of action and drama, "The Walking Dead" seems to head into a refreshing path, there is no space for boredom: Negan is watching you! Don't miss my follow-up article about "The best 7 Halloween TV Episodes" and have a look at my previous articles about "Westworld", "The Crown" and "Black Mirror".