Franklin Graham has been invited to come to Blackpool to appear at the Winter Gardens. He is scheduled to come to the UK in September and preach the word of God. Graham is following in the footsteps of his late father Billy who recently passed away. In an interview with Premier Christian Radio Franklin described how he was looking forward to celebrating his fathers 100th birthday sadly that did not happen.

During the interview, Mr Graham was asked if he thought old-school evangelism was old fashioned. Mr Graham said no and that huge evangelism events were still relevant in winning people to God.

Mr Graham has been called a hate preacher merely for speaking out that marriage, as ordained by God, is about a man marrying a woman. Obviously, the LGBT community sees Mr Graham as a hate preacher but his defence would be he is merely quoting scripture. Also, the Muslim community sees Mr Graham as Islamophobic but Mr Graham contends Jesus is the only way to God according to scripture.

Mr Graham has said he has not come to spread hatred about LGBT people or Muslims. Indeed in the interview, he invited LGBT people, Muslims, and others to come listen to what he had to say.

Britain: A post-Christian country

The UK today is not only a multiracial nation but also a multireligious nation. The UK cannot realistically be regarded as being the Christian nation it once was because of other faiths and secularism.

Christianity in schools and council meetings when it comes to prayers has lost its position. Also many do not attend church anymore and many young people don't know who Jesus is.

The faith today is in crisis because of the reasons given. However the situation maybe terminal but there is hope. There has been a rise in the Afro-Carribean and African churches and many churches today still maintain respectable congregations.

Churches today along with charities provide help to the homeless, unemployed and other victims of today's Britain. So carrying out one of Christ's main commandments to help those in need.

Jesus controversial then and now

Jesus went around Roman-ruled Palestine and he did not mince his words. His compassion for the poor and his attacks on the rich, his criticism of the religious authorities of his day.

Overturning the tables of the money lenders in God's house made many enemies.

The fact he claimed to be the son of God (which I personally believe) upset the Jewish Authorities. To them what he claimed was blasphemy and led him to be executed. The Roman Governor Pilate could find no fault in him. His followers were down and out and it seemed game over for Christianity. However, according to scripture in the New Testament, he rose again on the third day.

In today's fast paced high tech world, all this seems like a fable. However, in an increasingly dark and materialistic world, Christ's words have more meaning than ever to his followers. The promise that there is a God who cares and offers eternal existence in the life hereafter.

Christ promised to return and many despite attacks by other faiths and atheists hold on to this belief.

Finally, Christianity has survived for 2000 years and will always do so wherever Christ's followers keep the flame burning.