Meghan Markle will definitely be bringing modernity into the House of Windsor. Diana would certainly have approved of Harry's new wife that is for certain.

Andrew Morton reveals that Meghan Markle cried at the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997. An anonymous friend of Markle revealed that Meghan is obsessed with her husband's late mother. Apparently, Meghan loved Diana's openness and down to earth attitude to ordinary people.

Meghan revealed that she would be entering the House of Windsor as an outsider. In the US according to Markle, they have nothing to compare to the British monarchy.

The Royal Family of today has been changed forever by the revolution Princess Diana brought. What kind of royal will Meghan be and is the Royal family ready for her?

The Royal wedding

St George's Chapel was hit by a whirlwind, courtesy of Bishop Michael Curry. Meghan and Harry sat holding hands as the Chicago preacher spoke on the virtues of love and the values of the community.

Bishop Michael Curry comes from the Episcopal church, the American equivalent of the Anglican church in England.

The spirituality of the man was like a force of nature and it made wedding attendees sit up and take notice. David Beckham listened intently while Elton John could not hold back the tears. The Royals and other aristocrats present seemed shocked and bemused.

The wedding also featured a Gospel choir which is different from the pomp of past royal weddings.

Harry and Meghan are exceedingly popular with the British population. They ooze modernity and they are the faces of a 21st Century Royal Family. This 1000-year-old monarchy has survived because it has bowed to the wishes of the people.

With Meghan being American much US tourism will swell the coffers of the UK economy.

Wallis Simpson was an American and a divorcee but times have changed and how. Meghan has married her Prince something Wallis was unable to do with Edward back in the 1930's.

The Future

What will the future hold for Harry and Meghan? Meghan will want to hit the ground running as will Harry.

Whatever you think of the British Royal Family the wedding brought happiness for many on Saturday. Some regard the royals as something from the past but they are still popular. This new generation of royals must now carry the monarchy into the 21st Century.

The Dutch Royal Family are extremely approachable to their people. The British Royals are now more approachable and adopting the Dutch model is the way forward.