The Champions League final in Kiev was billed as a clash between Ronaldo and new boy on the block Mo Salah. As the teams were preparing to come down the tunnel Ronaldo stared at his rival intently. Whereas Salah didn't seem to notice Ronaldo's withering evil eye towards the Egyptian born player. Strangely though it was as if Ronaldo's look of disapproval had cursed Salah as the Liverpool star player later walked off injured. Sergio Ramos seemed to have the Egyptian in an arm lock as they both crashed to the ground. However, it was Salah who came off worse with a shoulder injury and was taken off.

Mo Salah seemed emotionally devastated by the whole affair as Sergio Ramos grinned over the injury he had inflicted on Salah. There are doubts now whether Salah will be match fit to play for his home nation. This will be a devastating blow to both Salah and Egypt should he not make the World Cup. No doubt many Muslim Egyptians will be offering up prayers for the players' fitness as this is the month of Ramadan. Just like many years before when Beckham injured his metatarsal bone and England fans prayed for him. God must have heard their prayers because he did join England in the World Cup, so perhaps it will be same for Salah.

The score was 1 - 1 when Zinedine Zidane brought on Gareth Bale which proved to be a stroke of genius.

Bale sank the Merseysiders with two goals, the first one being a brilliant scissor kick smashing into the Liverpool net. The game ended 3 - 1 with a shocked Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool fans looking on in disbelief.

Gareth Bale and the Premiership

After the match, Gareth Bale was interviewed and mentioned the fact he may be coming back to Blighty.

Since Frenchman Zinedine Zidane took over the helm of Real Madrid his relationship with Bale has not been good. During after-match celebrations, Gareth Bale reportedly did not join his fellow players - not surprising really.

Gareth Bale when playing for either Wales or Real Madrid produces sheer brilliant football. Bale outshone Real Madrid talisman Ronaldo who seems to be in his twilight years as a player.

Ronaldo can still produce flashes of his former self but age is catching up with the man from Portugal. These days when playing for Portugal or Real Madrid he seems more of an encourager to fellow players.

With Bale possibly thinking of a move to the Premiership clubs will be queuing up for him. Perhaps ironically enough Liverpool itself because Bale could have been playing for the Merseysiders back in March. When Liverpool let go of Coutinho there were rumours that Bale could be on his way to Liverpool. However, that never happened but maybe this time in the next transfer window it just might.

Liverpool: The future?

it was telling in last night's game that Liverpool had no one to answer Gareth Bale from their bench.

After Mo Salah departed the pitch Adam Lallana came on but he was no replacement for the injured Egyptian. Although Mane did equalise for Liverpool it seemed the wind had gone out of Liverpool's sails with no Mo Salah. Their other top man Firmino despite his best efforts did not have much of an impact on the game

Liverpool will have to do some hard thinking about bringing in better players. Although Salah, Mane, and Firmino can be good getting players like Bale would enhance Liverpool's attack. Klopp is probably safe in his job as he has done a sterling job for the club but goalkeeper wise they are struggling.

Liverpool, however, has much to build on finishing fourth in the Premiership and getting to the finals of the Championship.