Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn celebrated his 69th birthday on 26th May and received an unexpected award. To tie in with his 69th year on planet earth The Beard Liberation Front (or BLF) awarded Mr Corbyn a resilience award. The resilience award was given to Mr Corbyn to mark the number of years he has had a beard.

The Beard Liberation Front exist to stop what they call 'beard prejudice' or, for want of a better word, 'beardism'. Beards, whether hipster or not, have become popular for men over the last few years and they show no sign of dying off.

Mr Corbyn has worn his beard from 1974 when he was elected to Haringey council to now as Labour leader. Admittedly, these days the beard looks a little greyer and well trimmed but it is still there.

When Mr Corbyn was first elected leader it was thought his hirsute look might put voters off but it hasn't in the main.

The origin of Corbyn's beard

Beards are hated and looked down on by many people even in these times of bearded men. Jeremy Corbyn obviously comes from a time when beards were considered fashionable as they are now.

Beards were worn by left-wingers trying to ape Fidel Castro or Che Guevara. Hippies from the late 60s onwards have been partial to beards - with many of them also being on the left.

This goes some way, no doubt, to explaining why Jeremy Corbyn has kept his beard no matter what fashion or politics was in favour.

Corbyn sat for 30 years on the backbenches not caring what people thought about his beard or dress sense. Corbyn becoming leader could not have come at a better time when beards were back in fashion.

Obviously, his beard has made him popular with the Hipster generation. Not only that but his politics have made him popular, offering an alternative to the slashing and burning politics of Cameron and May.

Jeremy Corbyn's politics were once seen as the extreme left wing and dangerous but not any more. While those on the right are horrified at the thought of Jezza in Downing Street his followers are not.

Can Corbyn still be Prime Minister

Given Corbyn's age of 69, some would say he will be too old when the next election comes around. There are grounds for that argument, yes, but also grounds against it. Sir Vince Cable leader of the Lib Dems is a few years older than Corbyn and seems of sound mind. Mr Corbyn himself seems as energetic and engaged as any young politician upon viewing his performances at Prime Ministers Question Time.

There was a time when young polished men were in favour like Tony Blair and David Cameron - not any more! It seems how you look or your age in this day and age is no barrier to a career. There are many older workers in every industry still working; why should they not, if they are capable?

Some would argue they should retire and give younger people a chance. There are arguments for that but also strong arguments against it as well.

So if there is a general election tomorrow or in 2022 then, God-willing, Corbyn will be willing and able.