Sir, as you know, on 14 April 1912 the British passenger liner RMS Titanic had a terrible accident. She struck an iceberg and sunk. She was the biggest and one of the most sophisticated ships of its time. So, after you have written: "Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and 'smart!'”, you perhaps should reconsider some things.

May I draw your attention to a few very dangerous similarities

First, according to some most recent findings on this unparalleled sea disaster, we have reason to believe that the original cause of the catastrophe was not so much an iceberg as the hidden coal fire which had been burning for three weeks at a very high temperature.

That could have weakened the steel construction of the ship, much reducing its strength. Since your big country seems to be overheated because of a few domestic conflicts which no one could call bloodless, it would be a reasonable thing to reduce their size, so they can be handled with greater care in an emergency. America first!

Second, the terrifying fate of the Titanic and her sister ship Britannic demonstrated that ships of such great size are subject to peculiar hazards and that in the event of an accident the results would be devastating on account of their difficulty of navigation. Thus we should be aware that unlimited responsibilities of a US superpower are a terrible burden and difficult to manage.

Third, the fated ship sailed out without a blessing of any Christian ministers. So, you perhaps should, Dear Mister President, reconsider these things and remember the many Christian martyrs who died in Syria because of the sectarian violence. We know perfectly well who murdered them. Don't we?

It's a matter of fact that Titanic sunk because of the stubborn attitude of the leaders of White Star Line

There were many appalling coincidences and miscalculations which led to the outrageous and ultimate demise of this seemingly indestructible ship. But above all, her captain was warned many times about the icebergs on his way.

It was quite true that nowadays no ship, no matter how staunchly built, nor how many water-tight bulkheads protect her, may plunge headlong against a wall of ice without grave results.

But there is still hope somebody can persuade you to take notice of the considerable abilities of the Russian people who proved many times to be like a rock or an iceberg, as they felt their own country to be in danger or could be stripped of its dignity. The Russian President said: "Listen to us now!" So, he's warning you all the time.

And at least but not last: the Titanic was a British, American and French joint venture

According to the American press of its time: "London, Paris and New York are grief-stricken and overwhelmed by the news of the disaster.

Tearful crowds of relatives and friends of passengers on board the Titanic thronged the steamship offices in all three cities, waiting hour after hour for news that more often than not when it does come means bereavement and sorrow. People in Paris and London went to bed last night in the belief that all the passengers on board the Titanic had been saved. This morning brought them the appalling truth."