A while ago Theresa May was getting ready, it seemed. to step down once she had seen us through Brexit. Indeed, she had meetings with fellow Tories saying she would stay on as long they wanted her. In a previous article I wrote, I mentioned that rumours were saying she would step down on 30th August 2019.

Downing Street was quick to rebuff these rumours and blamed the rumours on the peak silly season. Now it transpires she has suddenly changed her mind and said as much whilst visiting Japan. She insisted she was "no quitter" and intends to lead the Conservatives into the 2022 general election.

Right away there was a reaction from Labour saying that she was "deluded" and obviously there will be a mixed reaction from her Conservative colleagues both in Parliament and at the grass roots level.

Theresa May is on a campaign to win over voters and fellow MP's may well lead the Tories into the general election and win. But much depends on what happens, for example with Brexit, or if someone does emerge to challenge her. With Jeremy Corbyn being on permanent general election mode Labour will be looking for weaknesses in her armour.

Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a back bencher, has been touted as a possible Tory leader one day and has given his support to the continuation of the Theresa May Premiership.

Jacob Rees-Mogg speaks slowly, eloquently, and thoughtfully and his demeanour has the character of an English gentleman from a by-gone age. This has attracted many Tories to his banner but it seems in backing May he has put to bed any bid to be the leader for now.

Other prominent Tories who have been seen as future leadership material have also announced their support for Theresa May like Boris Johnson.

Theresa May: About face

Why has Theresa May suddenly taken off like Phoenix from the ashes of her miserable performance at this year's general election? Who can forget that her wooden performance and her repeated mantra "Strong and stable" delivered her a win without a majority? Where she had to cobble together a deal with the Northern Irish DUP just to get the required majority she needed just to stay in office.

Was there something in the air when she visited Japan that has made her determined to stay on come what may? Did she go for one of her walks where she famously makes snap decisions about her future with her husband or Shinzo Abe and decide to fight on?

Did the ghost of Margaret Thatcher visit her and give her courage that as the second female Prime Minister she must stay the course?

Obviously, these are silly and unknown speculations but for sure something has made Theresa May change her mind. Maybe she is after all, the second Iron Lady as many have described her but only time will if this is true.