The violence in Charlottesville over removing the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee was a clash between far right protesters and far left groups. The 'Unite the Right' protest to defend the statue of Robert E. Lee consisted of Neo-Nazis, KKK groups, pro-Confederate groups and more moderate right-of-centre groups. Confronting them were so called anti-Fascist groups made up of left wing groups and genuine anti-racists no doubt.

Whenever right and left-of-centre groups congregate violence is sure to happen, and this is what indeed did happen.

A young car driver with Neo-Nazi sympathies ploughed into an anti-Fascist crowd killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer. Donald Trump was once again in the firing line of the liberal and left wing media for not condemning the right wingers. Instead, his first statement was condemning all violence whether right or left and seemingly under pressure Trump came out and condemned racism.

It was into this that Franklin Graham son of the preacher and international evangelist Billy Graham emerged.

Franklin Graham defends Trump

In a sense, it is not surprising that Graham would defend President Donald Trump as both are considered right of centre. Trump also had the backing and prayers of right wing Christian evangelists like Kenneth Copeland and John Hagee.

Indeed many Christians on the right consider Trump to have been put in the White House by God. No doubt many of those who voted for Trump too would have had this belief in mind as they cast their vote.

Franklin Graham has said "Shame on those blaming Trump for what happened in Charlottesville," and in a way he is right. Trump cannot be held directly accountable for what happened in Charlottesville however maybe his sentiments during the Presidential campaign could be to blame.

Trump has attracted far right support and genuine disgruntled European American support who felt Obama's America had left them behind.

Many European Americans are attracted to the far right because they feel America is not theirs anymore. While a good percentage of these people are racists some are non-racists just concerned about the future of their country.

Graham: A controversial figure?

Franklin Graham like Trump does not mince his words, whether you like it or not, and is a sworn enemy of today's liberal and politically correct society. A strong opponent of gay marriage and other liberal politics Graham does not apologise for being a Christian on the right and taking the Bible literally.

Wherever he goes left wing groups gather to protest against the man and his views which never seemingly happened when his father Billy was evangelising. Billy Graham was direct and still is vociferous in his views, however, he appears more humble than his unapologetic son.

Franklin meanwhile is like Marmite, you either agree with him or not, both from a Christian or political belief.