Not many people are enthused with the 2016 presidential victory of Donald Trump. There will be four long years before we are able to vote for a new president. Who will be running for presidential candidate? It has been confirmed that rapper kanye West will be running as a candidate for the 2020 election. It is only safe to assume that Donald Trump will be running for another term.

VMA Announcement

Since the shocking election victory was announced that Donald Trump would run America as the 45th president, our nation has been outraged. Many people have broken relationships due to voting preferences and it looks like there are plenty of people who don’t want to “make America great again”.There has been a serious discussion on the 2020 election candidates, which includes none other than Kanye West himself.

During the 2015 VMAs, yeezy made his announcement that he would be running for president in 2020. During that time, many believed it was all just a sick and twisted joke, but he later confirmed his previous statement saying he would definitely be running for president.

50 Cent feels Kanye would be another Trump

So what does this mean for America? Is it a bad thing that the majority of voters wouldn't know what to do if the candidates came down to Kanye West or Donald Trump? While he was on Conan, fellow rapper 50 Cent stated that having Kanye in office would be just like having Donald Trump in office. What has America come to? Having rappers who want to run for president, with a woman who got her start in stardom by releasing an explicit video to the public as a first lady.

It is fun to think about but what about when it comes to the reality?

What would we do

Who would you vote for in this situation? The man that claims to "make America great again" but in reality caused tons of riots and protests? Or the man that refers to himself as "God" and thinks that there is no one above him. What have we come to as a nation, where our only hope may be a rapper to as the commander in chief. I suppose we should all hope that within the next four years we are blessed with more than these two options to vote for during the next presidential election.