In little over three weeks, the American public will go to vote in what is possibly the most significant presidential election in decades.

Will Republican Donald Trump pull off the unthinkable or can Democrat Hillary Clinton defy the odds and become the first Female President in U.S. history?

What is clear however, is that the American public face a very important decison as to who will be the next leader of the free world going into the future. It may seem unthinkable that nobody except Clinton can will the election but critical issues do need to be considered.

Whatever people think or believe about Donald Trump, whether it is his desire for a "border wall" between the United States and Mexico, or for trade protectionism, this is still a man who not only won the battle to become the Republican presidential candidate, but did so with 13 million votes in the primaries, more than any other Republican has achieved in American history.

What this illustrates is that Trump has clearly done something right. Whilst there has been a lot of highly ranked Republicans, such as John Thune (the third ranking Republican in the Senate) who have turned their back on Trump, a large proportion of Republicans have not. Despite condemnation from Republicans such as Paul Ryan, the speaker in the House of Representatives, in the wake of reports suggesting that Trump bragged about "kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women", as reported in the Washington Post, their support has still been maintained.

Although Ryan stated that he was "sickened" by what he heard, the Atlantic stated that "Ryan has not abandoned Trump".

And now we come to Hillary. In some quarters it is said that it is remarkable that Donald Trump is still in this presidential campaign. Surely the calm, pragmatic and intelligent Clinton should be miles ahead than where she is.

However, despite the fact that Trump has been side-tracked by "self-inflicted wounds" in recent weeks, the fact that he is still standing can be summed up in two parts. Firstly, there are claims that Clinton too does have her own problems. There are those who state that not only can she not be trusted but that she tends to "hide information" and lacks a clear vision.

Secondly, the attacks by Trump against Hilary's husband, Bill, the former President himself, has also had an effect. As resported in the Guardian, Trump called Bill Clinton "a predator" and said that Hillary enabled him, making it possible for him to "take advantage of women". Whilst it may seem a little desperate as election day looms, it is clear that the gloves are well and truly off from here on out.

It is clear that the two candidates are polar opposites to each other. It is also clear that is the most exciting and compelling presidential campaign in a very long time. But it is also clear that the American public faces a big decision in who to vote for.

They must be aware that the ramifications for voting for the wrong person will present grave consequences going forward.

When one takes into consideration the views, comments and policies of each candidate, it may seem on paper a one-sided event.

However, despite this, polls,debates and the views of the public may suggest otherwise. One way or another, history will be made on the 8th November. It is critical therefore that as many people as possible go to vote and make sure the outcome is the right one.