Massive spoilers

Massive Spoilers have been leaked from several trusted sources over the past three days. "The Walking Dead" has seen an immense shift in tone these past three episodes. Now that the dust has settled from the traumatizing first episode of season 7, we will finally be able to see what Rick’s group has been up to. According to Reddit, Negan is going to be using Daryl as a tool to further assert his dominance over Rick. But everything that happens after episode four is far worse.

Episode 5

In this episode, the show will bring viewers back to Sasha and Maggie.

Last time we had seen them, they were setting off for the Hilltop on foot and alone, while Rick and what was left of his group retreated back to Alexandria.

Episode 6

Here we will learn what happened to Tara and Heath after they had left Alexandria to go on a supply run that was going to take a number of weeks. Tara still doesn’t know that Denise caught an arrow with her orbital socket and we may never know how she reacts to it. Spoilers have revealed that we will either see the death of Heath or Tara in this episode. If the comics are anything to go off of, it will most likely be Tara that dies in this episode as Heath is still very much alive in the comics. It has also been revealed that the two will come across the Oceanside community and this will cause the two groups to learn about each other and form a possible alliance.

Episode 7

This may be the biggest spoiler of the season so far. Rick, by this time he comes back around to reality, will set in motion his plans to begin taking their lives back from Negan. It is unclear what his plan will be at this point and if the history of "The Walking Dead" is anything to go by, we won’t find out until the second half of the season.

However, we do know that by the end of this episode, Rick will have set Alexandria on fire. The reason is unclear at this point but we still have episode 8 to look forward to before the first half of the season is over.

Stay tuned for new episodes of "The Walking Dead."