Rock star Bruce Springsteen was rescued from the side of the road by veterans after his motorcycle broke down in Wall Township, New Jersey. The veterans were bikers from the Freehold American Legion and were riding after a Veterans Day event when they spotted the stranded rocker on the side of the road near Allaire state park. After attempting to help him to get his bike started again, they took Springsteen to a local bar on the back of the bike of one of their number, Ryan Bailey.

Springsteen: a fellow biker in need

One of the veterans, Dan Barkalow, said that they stopped to see if the stranded motorcyclist needed help and discovered that it was Bruce Springsteen.

He said that 'bikers gotta stick together', and the kindness of these bikers was certainly rewarded as their biker in need was New Jersey's famous rocking son, Springsteen. He was wearing a brown riding jacket and red handkerchief and posed for photos with the bikers after being helped out by them.

Once reaching the local bar, Springsteen stayed and talked to his rescuers whilst waiting for someone to come and pick him up. Barkalow said of him "Nice guy, real down to earth. Just talked about motorcycles and his old Freehold days." Springsteen was raised in Freehold and still lives in New Jersey, a place which features heavily in many of his songs. Indeed, being stranded on the highway in New Jersey and being helped out by friendly veterans sounds much like a song by the rocker, who has songs such as 'Working on the Highway'.

Perhaps something for his next album?

Springsteen and America

Bruce Springsteen has been in the news recently for supporting Hillary Clinton and being an outspoken voice of Americana and working class America, in contrast to claims that it is Donald Trump who speaks for the working man these days. He has been seen across news outlets, including on the BBC in the UK, talking about American politics and the election.

Famed for Music about American life and the protest hit 'Born in the USA', it is not surprising that Springsteen played a part in the recent election, but it is good to see that regardless of the election result, America is still helping out its rock star.