Magician David Blaine is at it again with another stunt. This time he shoots himself in the mouth.

David Blaine pushes more boundaries with this risky stunt

Magician David Blaine is known to push boundaries with numerous magic tricks that are dangerous, from putting ice picks through his hands to the latest, firing a gun at his mouth. With such a risky trick many may assume that this ended very badly, but thankfully, there were only minor injuries.

Risking his life in front of 20,000 people

Magician David Blaine shoots himself in the mouth in his latest magic trick.

Risking his death in front of a live audience of 20,000 people, 43-year-old David Blaine attempted a most fatal trick. Pulling a string to release a gun shot is more than risky, but David is a trained professional who has had more than enough experience to know how to successfully complete this trick.

David's friends say they will never help with a stunt like this again

David Blaine first let his friends shoot him in the chest wearing a bullet proof vest. Blaine had a mouth guard in that slipped causing lacerations to his throat. David’s friends have insisted that they will never help with this stunt again, that it’s too dangerous. No matter if he has his friends assist again or not, David has full intentions of performing his stunt again, more than once.

Blaine recollects what went wrong

With a fitted mouth guard, with a cup inside to catch a bullet, theres still plenty that can go wrong. Blaine explained that “time just started to move really slow. I was sure the bullet went right through my head and that I was dead. Suddenly I became aware of the pain and it brought me back.

At that moment I realized that the mouth guard had shattered again, and I was alive.”

Plans to do the stunt again

With such a risky stunt being done, you would think that this famous magician would not attempt the stunt again, but he plans to attempt it again by Shooting himself in the mouth, in his upcoming world tour. Hopefully, this famous magician can perfect this trick so there aren't any more mishaps.