Expecting Harley Quinns will only be seen in the Halloweenin the Halloween parties? Nah, Asians are out of your expectations with unique costumes this year! More than usual zombies and vampires, adorable cartoons and funny characters are shown. Get some good ideas for celebrating Halloween next year and I bet you will be the spot!

Not only do kids wear costumes to celebrate Halloween, but so do adults. In Takara Tomy, a toy company in Japan, staffs are disguised as different characters during Halloween. On the other hand, parades in Japan are full of people, with more than 30,000 people!

Hong Kong also has a big Halloween party in the Lan Kwai Fong. You can see gangs of Harley Quinns, nurses and Superheroes there, holding bottles of wines and taking photos with each other.

For kids, wearing costumes as their favorite cartoon characters is the best! A Mum from Taiwan helps her kid to dress up as the no-face man, Aogaeru. Aogaery is one of the characters in the movie, spirited away, and is so popular that hit the Japanese box office at that time.

Wanna get a more powerful costume? Galaxy note 7 is your choice. The explosion of Galaxy Note 7 has been big news around the world; even airlines request passengers not to bring along while boarding. A man in Japan pretends as a burnt Note 7 and joins in the Halloween celebration parade, which attracts lots of people to take photos with!

Sushi lovers could have come disguised as a sushi roll. A mom from Japan dressed her kid as a shrimp sushi with her handmade costume. To look like a real sushi, seaweed is a must! Don’t forget the most important part, WASABI!!! Using wool as the wasabi for the head accessory is a good idea. Moms or dads can wear this lovable costume with your kids!