A series of teaser tweets by game developer thatgamecompany suggest the announcement of their next title is imminent. The as yet untitled game is simply referred to as ‘thatnextgame’ and will be about ‘giving’ according to the developers. It is likely that the title and more details will be confirmed in the coming days.

Though no more details were given by the developers, it is safe to assume that the title will likely be release at some point next year and will be exclusive to thePlayStation 4like their three previous titles.

Despite being a small team of developers,thatgamecompanyare household names within the industry and are renowned for making beautifully touching and inspiring Games with focus on heart rather than AAAvoice actorsand explosions.

The series of tweets started with this one yesterday evening...

Before we got another picture showing four children holding hands and possibly flying...

Thatgamecompanyended the evening with what we can assume is a piece of concept art, showing a pastoral landscape and a mysterious looking gateway.

Their first game flOw, was released back in 2006 and gave players no objective or direction, instead the players had to discover what to do while navigating a worm-like creature through a waterscape.

The follow-up and thatgamecompany's second game was released three years later and once again was an atmospheric experience, this time as you controlled flower petals through various landscapes.

It wasn't until 2012 that the Los Angeles based game developers truly shot to heights of industry darlings with the release of Journey on PlayStation 3.

In it, you take the role of a mysterious, floating robed being and have to navigate the desert, solving puzzles and working with other robed beings. Despite the unusual premise, it received a slew of positive reviews and is often considered to be one the greatest games of the previous generation.

Journey has since been re-released on the PlayStation 4 allowing players to experience the beauty once again.

It remains unknown what this teased game will be, but if their track record is anything to go on, than it will likely be another heartwarming experience.