Being swamped with work and fast pace of life, you must have thought about having a break during Christmas! If you just want to stay at home just lying on the sofa, watching movies is always a great idea. Sharing the warmness, Love, and joy of Christmas, here are some movies recommended to watch with the one's you love on Christmas Day!

Holiday Inn (1942)

Have you ever listened to the ‘White Christmas’ jingle? This well-known song comes out from the movie, ‘Holiday Inn’. Jim and Lila used to be a couple and dreamt of running a hotel together. However, Lila was not ready and had fallen in love with Ted.

One year later, Jim's efforts paid off and he realised his dream and met Linda. The complicated relationships let us feel the bittersweet memories in love. ‘Holiday Inn’ is one of the must-see Christmas films!

Home Alone (1990)

Kevin, an eight-year-old boy, was left at home alone while his family rushed off on their vacation. Unfortunately, two burglars tried to break into Kevin’s house. Kevin is so intelligent that he sets up the booby traps to welcome them! With the intelligence and bravery of Kevin, the burglars were arrested. This movie is funny, and is a great movie for the whole family!

Love Actually (2003)

With having ten separate stories in ‘Love Actually’, it shows how different couples deal with love lives in their ways.

This movie took place in London, which began five weeks before Christmas Day. The movie touches lots of different audiences going through the same trials and tribulations of love. Not only mentioning the love between the couples but also showing the love between the families. This movie is definitely worth your time during the Christmas break!

Elf (2003)

Being a giant elf who is different from others is hard, but Buddy finally realises that he was not an elf, but a human who is raised by them. Therefore, he decides to go to New York City to find his parents. Exploring the city with his first experience as a human being, Buddy looked funny and weird in others’ sight.

Buddy also found his true love, Jovie. This movie makes you feel the love and warmness of family, which is a great choice for Christmas!

The Holiday (2006)

Going on a long holiday while swapping homes in each other’s countries, both Iris and Amanda fell in love with a local guy. Couples who are having a long-distance relationship would have faced the same difficulties as Iris and Amanda. Not only resonates the love lives with the couples, but also feeling the romance and sharing the laughter.