You may have noticed it, the 7th season of The Walking Dead barely started and some leadership skills are already put in the spotlight. As soon as the first episode The day will come when you won`t be finished, I had the feeling being a leader in a zombie apocalypse world can’t be the easiest of the tasks.


Negan took the show to another level with a brutal execution of Glenn and Abraham right in front of us, their families. Yes, in this kind of scenario we built a stronger relationship with characters quickly and who started watching the AMC’s show a couple of years ago, since its beginning, will understand it better.

But if life is unfair and we need to make the most of the fair moments, The Walking Dead is bringing it to the telly as well, better than ever in this new stage of the season.

I heard Rick commenting that “he is not in charge anymore, Negan is”. But is it what we all should think? I guess keeping Daryl in the saviours’ hand does help to stick with this thought. As well as not having Carol and Morgan around also make our family a bit vulnerable too. Not to mention that poor Maggie is in pieces and “only Greg Nicotero knows” how she will react and recover from now to go. Yes, it looks like a messy one.


The thing is, history (fiction or not) shows we are a very keen on follow leaders. Any kind of leaders.

And that is what we could see at the second episode The Well, when Carol, you and I were introduced to Ezekiel (and lovely Shiva). I didn’t buy him. But Morgan did.

And to be honest, it must be easy to feel like leader when you have a pet tiger around.

The truth is that people in The Kingdom probably believes it is a safe place to stay.

The same way that we see people from Alexandra, Terminus and Woodbury believed in the same, excuse my French, bullshit.


The opposite of Grimes troop does. They don’t seem to embrace the utopia world. They carry on if it’s necessary. It was like this in the farm, in the prison and wherever “kingdom” they stop by. And that is probably what brought them (and us) so far.

So, what we all wanted to believe now is that Rick will put himself together and start from scratch, pressing reset. You can do it, Grimes. Can you? It would be what leaders should do. But it is easy to say when you are not facing imminent dangerous on daily basis. It works in a zombie apocalypse as well. I guess.

It’s just a TV show that doesn`t even follows the comics,I know. But it is impossible not getting involved and not put yourself in the place of all these people with power to change the curse of life. So, what can we expect of king Ezekiel as a leader now that he bumped with a disbeliever called Carol? Not too much, I am afraid.

I think it’s easier to Carol take the control of any kind of situation using her already known “power of persuasion” (and don`t look at the flowers, please).

But she is the only to bring these new people to fight against Negan, for example?

Besides, it is possible that she won`t be happy to know what her old pals are going through this precise moment. And that will be an interesting lead to follow.

Meanwhile, Negan is being Negan. Showing the worst that leadership can bring all together. But don’t forget he didn’t start this fight. Let’s wait for more of the good, the bad and the ugly in The Walking Dead.