Manolo Blank once said, "You put high heels on and you change." That’s why heels have a special place in the hearts of most women. With high heels on the female leg has a better shape and the look empowers women as they look more elegant.

Great news - shoes with changeable heels

Heels can be categorised as flat, stiletto, cone, pump and more. Different types of heels with varying heights bring different visual impressions to people. Therefore, a company has designed a collection of shoes with five interchangeable heel heights. You can change from stiletto to flat in seconds without changing the shoes!

All in one interchangeable footwear

Mime Et Moi, a Germany company, has launched the Kickstarter project this year. This is wonderful news for women as it comes with one shoe and five different heel options. The one-shoe-five heel footwear will come in a variety of colours and will cost around 150-230 Pounds. Customers will be able to choose different types of the heels (block, stiletto and flat) with different heights. Choosing what kind of heels to be worn just depends on your mood!

The official website of Mime Et Moi provides the instructions of the interchangeable one-shoe-five-heel. All you need to do is just pull the trigger of the shoe and take away the heel. Then close the trigger and replace with a new heel.

You just need to step on the back and it’s done!

Different types of heels suit different occasions. That's why women spend time choosing their style of high heels. Not only should they feel comfortable with the heels, but they also need to suit the event they are attending. Stilettos are the favourite heels for the up-and-coming.

As the stiletto is the highest, it also produces the best leg shape. Wearing the block heel is good for going to balls or parties. Dancing with the block is more enjoyable. The flat is the best heel height for going to the park on a date!

Portable, new, stylish and practical shoes for women

The one-shoe-five-heel suits all the women, especially beginners.

When women first wear high heels, they tend to find them uncomfortable and hard to wear for a long time. However, if they need to attend special occasions with heels. the interchangeable shoe is a perfect choice! What’s more, these heels are so portable that they can be packed into a clutch bag!

The news that these combo shoes have hit the market is probably going to be welcomed by women across the world. Women and instant choices about shoes have long been a dream the Fashion houses have failed to deliver.