So its almost that time of year, were you frantically search all over town for a half decent costume, to ultimately end up wearing a skeleton onesie and rushed face make up which you did in the taxi to the Party. Of course it’s Halloween! Every year people look to find the quirkiest and most original costume, but usually it’s a craze, which ends up with half the party wearing the same outfit. ‘Blasting News’ looks at the top seven costume ideas that no matter how hard you try…you cant escape!

Harley Quinn

Starting the list is everyone’s favourite schizophrenic psycho killer, Harley Quinn.

Margot Robbie played DC’s sadistic character perfectly, she portrayed the jokers girlfriend exactly how she is in the comic franchise. With the Cinematic success of Suicide squad you can guarantee every party will have their own little gang of Quinns, rocking the blue pig tales and baseball bat.


Up next on the list is one of the biggest talking points of the year, the death of the Cincinnati gorilla Harambe. The death was so controversial it practically broke the Internet with the entire world venting their despair or anger to the incident. Harambe became an internet sensation overnight ranging from the endless amounts of meme’s to even featuring on the Capcom game Street Fighter.

Jon Snow

Winter is coming. And so is the endless amount of Jon Snow Costumes that you should be expecting to see this Halloween. TheGame Of Thrones series has done nothing but grip the public since it was first aired in 2010 and the people haven’t stopped loving their favourite lord commander of the nights watch and king of the realm.

Brace yourself for a long winter and a lot of game of thrones references throughout your night.

Pokémon Go

The biggest downloaded app of the year, without competition goes to 90’s sensation Pokémon that was revamped with the use of satellite navigation, which gave us. Pokémon Go. The craze took the world by force and the public went wild for it, travelling the world to complete their pokedex and to fulfil one of their childhood goals.


Orange is the new black has been one of the biggest series to hit Netflix since the likes of Breaking Bad. The orange jumpsuits and the theme tune has drove the public wild for Litchfield Penitentiary and the inmates that inhabit the federal prison. So get out your jumpsuits and prepare yourself for a night of your friends singing “ The Animal, Trapped trapped trapped and the cage is full…”

Walking Dead

For every year we have Halloween, we have the latest release of the series of the walking dead. This apocalyptic TVseries is getting better as every year passes and the fan base get even bigger. The costume opportunities in this series can vary from being one of the survivors such as Rick or Darrel to even stretching to the realms of the gruesome walkers following the ever growing zombie craze.

David Bowie

This year, the world lost a musical legend – David Bowie. His death earlier this year shook the world and the musicdomain will never fully get over its loss and continue to mourn his death. There is so many ways that his fans can show their admiration to this music icon. Ranging from the likes of the goblin king to the late ziggy stardust himself

The Purge

And Finally One of the most anticipated Horrorfilms of the year was the final film of the purge trilogy. The Purge Election year was a different film to the prequels it was more of a gripping thriller and the costumes were more horrifying than prior. With the baseball bats and the bloody outfits, the possibilities are endless and the craze is limitedness