Halloween is a few weeks away, and you must be preparing for this day. It is true that in Europe, Halloween is not celebrated with the same fanfare as it is celebrated in the United States. Across Europe, there are many great places to visit during the month of October. Here is given a list of Europe’s most exciting places to visit on Halloween.

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is a beautiful and highly impressive Romanian region. It is an ideal place for families and newly married couples. Here you can explore the quaint Bran Castle. Throughout the night, streets remain full with people wearing special Halloween costumes.

Thus, we can say that Halloween in Transylvania is a one-of-a-kind experience.

London, UK

London has no short of exciting tourist attractions. This city of the UK has various glamorous sites especially bars and nightclubs where you can spend the Halloween night. The British capital has plenty of historic buildings, chilling backstreets, and sites that would remind you about some infamous serial killers. Other than this, you can enjoy a tour to flamboyant parades. London is where you would never feel bored.

Limoges, France

If you are looking for an exciting place in France, head to Limoges. The birthplace of Renoir, this medieval city is situated in the Limousin region. It is an ideal placefor spendingthe Halloween holidays.

Here you can enjoy various exciting activities including street dance performances, themed fair, costume parades, a storytelling festival, and special family parties. On an average, this city receives more than 50,000 visitors during the winter holidays.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Although Scotland has numerous cities to spend the vacations, Edinburgh is most prominent.

Here you would have various opportunities to enjoy costume parties. Halloween in Edinburgh is one of the most celebrated festivals. The celebrations begin on 31st of October, and continue for three to four days. The most exciting sites of this city are Royal Mile, Mighty Castle, and others. Moreover, you can spend the Halloween night at a nightclub, or simply wander through the well-decorated streets.

Here there is no short of paranormal activities to get amazed with.

Dublin, Ireland

Just like Edinburgh, Dublin is a charming and beautiful European cityfor spending the Halloween holidays. In this Ireland city, you can experience snowfall, enjoy live singing shows, and other captivating activities. Dublin is the onlyEuropean citythat has events suitable for all tastes.