One more month to go and it will be Christmas! Christmas is a time for you to have a break and have a little Getaway from the exhausting workload and the fast pace of life in Hong Kong! To feel the joy and Christmas ambiance, here are some places for you to explore during the holidays. Go book the tickets and pack your stuff! Get ready for your vacation!

Finland - Rovaniemi

Santa Claus shouldn’t be missed out at Christmas. You can travel to the Santa Claus Village to visit Santa and their trusted friends, the reindeer. In the village, accommodation is also provided.

You can go take a sleigh ride or experience the Santa Park with elves and fairy tales. Walking around the Snowman World, you can find lots of winter fun facilities.

Australia - New South Wales

If you want to have a special Christmas celebration, you can go to the Bondi Beach in Australia. It’s the famous spot for backpackers. On Christmas Day, there is an ‘orphan party’ that refers to those backpackers who do not bring along their parents. Wearing bikinis and swimming on the beach is a memorable experience to feel the Christmas joy. Don’t forget to pack more sunscreen and swimsuits!

Dublin - Iceland

Christmas market is one of the more traditional ways to celebrate in Dublin. Many people have visited the best well-known Christmas market, St.

Stephen’s Green Christmas Market. What a pity, it won’t be held this year, but you can still go and visit the I Believe Christmas Market, another experience with Santa. With agricultural products, typical food and beverages of Ireland presented in the markets, you will experience more about Ireland.

Yorkshire - United Kingdom

You also shouldn’t miss the Christmas celebration in the UK. For the British, it’s a significant time to spend with families and friends. Yorkshire is the historic country in the Northern England and its natural beauty becomes a famous spot. In the St. Helen’s Square, a big Christmas tree is placed for tourists to take photos with.

Museums and markets are also great places to visit. Remember to try a Yorkshire Pudding and mulled wine!

Tokyo - Japan

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, celebrates with lots of Christmas lights decorating the streets. To the Japanese, Christmas Eve is as important as Valentine’s Day. It’s also a night for romance. In a Japanese-style Christmas feast, there are always fried chicken and strawberry sponge cakes topped with cream.