5 moving or funny news stories to make your day

Sometimes great little stories get lost in the headlines. Here are just a few of them. [Image - CCO |Pixabay]
Sometimes great little stories get lost in the headlines. Here are just a few of them. [Image - CCO |Pixabay]

Some stories seem to slip through the cracks with all the terrible headlines we have these days. Here are some of the great stories we tend to miss.

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5 little stories that were hidden among the dismal headlines

In a world of Brexit and Donald Trump, there never seems to be anything good, heartwarming or funny to read about in the News. Hidden among the headlines there are some gems, some of which have been dug up for your pleasure.

While some news stories make you tear up in a happy way, others would be funny if they weren't so true. We have an elderly "Santa" who left gifts for his neighbour's daughter when he died. Then there's a newly discovered amphibian creature named after Donald Trump.

A hotel in Hull is being accused of discrimination after it cancelled rooms for a group homeless people over Christmas, but another hotel has stepped in and added a Christmas dinner.

The general public chipped in an amazing £120,000 after Chester Zoo suffered a devastating fire. A magician, who magically pushed a playing card through solid glass to an orang-utan at Colchester Zoo has paid tribute to Rajang following his death at the age of 50.


Deceased man leaves neighbour's daughter Christmas gifts for 14 years

Ken was around 85 when he died, but he didn’t forget his neighbour’s two-year-old daughter. Owen Williams’ family was close with Ken and after he passed, Ken’s daughter knocked on Owen’s door with a large plastic bag in her hand. It contained Christmas presents for Owen’s daughter Cadi for the next 14 years. They all had tears in their eyes when they opened the bag, saying it was “like a Mary Poppin’s bag” as the gifts just kept on coming.


Blind, burrowing amphibian who buries its head in the sand named after Donald Trump

Sort of funny is the story about a recently discovered blind, burrowing amphibian who sticks its head in the sand. The creature has been named Dermophis donaldtrumi. This is in recognition of US President Donald Trump’s climate change denial. The creature was recently found in Panama and was named by EnviroBuild’s boss, Aiden Bell, who said the way the creature buries its head in the sand closely matches Trump’s approach to climate change and global warming.

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