5 unusual animal rescue stories that will bring a happy tear to the eye

A box of tissues is necessary when reading stories of baby animals adopted by other species.

Animals could teach humans a lot. They are loving and caring and will even take in an animal of another species who might need help or a loving mother.

Below are unusual stories [VIDEO] about a monkey with a dog bodyguard, a cat that raised an orphan squirrel along with her kittens, a King Charles spaniel [VIDEO] who adopted orphaned baby rabbits, a Dalmatian dog who adopted a black and white spotted lamb and a monkey who lovingly took a ginger kitten into her family.


Bullied monkey at Chinese zoo gets a doggy bodyguard

As reported by Digital Journal, a small orphaned monkey at Jiaozuo City Zoo was constantly bullied by the alpha male monkey. Zookeepers often had to intervene to save his life. This all changed when they placed a dog named Sai Hu in the cage to protect the little monkey. Whenever the alpha male starts bullying the tiny monkey, Sai Hu senses the danger and instantly comes to the rescue. The monkey then jumps on his back and holds on tight.


Cat raises squirrel along with her kittens and it purrs!

Jim and Karen Watkins run a shelter called T.A.I.L.S. (Taking Animals Into Loving Shelters). Emmy, a rescue cat, gave birth to kittens and at around the same time, the Watkins found an orphaned baby squirrel that had fallen out of a tree. Karen put the squirrel into the box of kittens and Emmy immediately adopted it, feeding it like one of her own. The little squirrel has even, apparently, started to purr like a kitten.


King Charles spaniel adopts baby rabbits

As a dog bred for hunting small animals, it is very unusual for a Cavalier King Charles spaniel to adopt baby rabbits. However, when Ellie found a nest of baby bunnies, whose mother had died, her maternal instincts kicked in. She now cares for them, cuddling, playing and sleeping with the baby rabbits and keeping a watchful eye on them.


Dalmatian dog adopts black and white spotted lamb

A lamb with black spots was abandoned by his mother. However, he found a new mother in Zoe, an affectionate Dalmatian dog. The Dorper sheep has a black and white coat which is almost identical to the Dalmatian’s spots and they have been inseparable ever since. Zoe nuzzles and lovingly licks the lamb and generally acts like his mother. John Bolton, a breeder in Australia that cares for Zoe and the sheep, says they’re not sure whether to call the lamb a “sheep-matian” or “Dal-dorper.”


Monkey adopts ginger kitten in Indonesia

When amateur wildlife photographer Anne Young visited Bali, Indonesia to capture images of the inhabitants of Monkey Forest Park she got a surprise. She spotted a large monkey carefully carrying a tiny ginger stray kitten in her arms as she moved through the lush shrubbery. Young said other monkeys soon surrounded the kitten, now nicknamed Ginger, lovingly welcoming the baby cat into their family. She took several photos of the kitten with his unusual family.

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