5 Netflix shows to start off the New Year right

Get rid of the Christmas clutter, laugh at stand-up, explore unusual homes, watch a thriller and learn about cultural taboos.


Netflix is trying to stay ahead in the streaming services of the world and is always coming up with something new and different. The following Netflix Original series [VIDEO] and documentaries start streaming in January 2019.

Start the New Year off by tidying up your house and clearing the clutter with Marie Kondo, which reportedly will then "spark joy" in the home. Have a good laugh at one of the 47 comedians of the world doing stand-up on Netflix. Find out what happens to people, following a prosecution in the International War Crimes court. Tour some of the most unusual and extraordinary homes in the world, then explore the cultural taboos with "Killer Mike."

Happy streaming [VIDEO] in 2019 with Netflix Originals!


'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' – Netflix Original – 1st January 2019

Just in time for the post-Christmas clutter, Marie Kondo wishes to “spark joy” by helping people get rid of all that extra clutter in their home that is holding them back. Tears fall as people try to get used to the idea of throwing out all that beloved junk.


'COMEDIANS of the World' - Netflix Original - 1 January 2019

The Netflix Original series “COMEDIANS of the World” features 47 stand-up comedians from 13 different regions of the world, giving their perspective on what is funny. While there is no official trailer, Nish Kumar, one of the comedians involved, speaks in the video below. He wonders how comedians in this world manage to survive without screaming their frustration about politics to the live audience.


'Black Earth Rising' – Netflix Original series – 25 January 2019

This eight-part thriller series addresses the legal, political and personal turmoil which results from the prosecution of international war crimes with emphasis on the relationship of the West with contemporary Africa.


'The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes: Season 2' - Netflix Original - 18 January 2019

The second season of “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” is coming to Netflix, where actress and property enthusiast Caroline Quentin travels the world with award-winning architect Piers Taylor on a tour of the most beautifully unconventional homes. Season 1 is already available for streaming. Here is one of the previous trailers. Now you, too, can get upset at your own, current living conditions!


'Trigger Warning with Killer Mike' - Netflix Original - 18 January 2019

The controversial “Trigger Warning” examines cultural taboos, allowing viewers the chance to think about the “what ifs” and “why nots” limiting how people operate and move in this world. Starring Michael Render, the six episodes of this Netflix Original series explores the human condition in a non-traditional way.

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