All create a comfort zone in our lives in many ways, some are obvious, while others do not we realize, which are a kind of comfort zone.

When settled with some situation or something we are doing for some time and who do not wish to change or even innovate at that time it comes to comfort zone.

This zone is a place where we can "be protected" from everything and everyone, where we need not do anything, because we have the false illusion that all is well and we are well too.

But in fact nothing is well, because in this "place", the also created as a way to, we do not address our problems, fears that arise.

Next is easier, stay in one place, than take a step forward.

This take a step could be in many ways, for example: pay more attention at home "our families"; relationships, dare sometimes make surprises and so demonstrate the love he still feels for the person who is next to you; in the professional field, take courses, specializations, trying to be a different professional, thus his career will be valued; have a better quality of life, have a good diet, exercise and do not expect to get sick and then start to care.

We lost precious time remaining in the comfort zone and that time does not return. The opportunities that we could have used in numerous fields have not returned because chose to stay where we are, because it's easier.

The human being loses much for wanting to stay in the easy and does not have the courage to dare to do something that you could lose something momentary, but in the near future and won.

This gain will be better people, and so the fear did not exist and more comfort zones, will no longer be created in our lives.

We have the ability to dare, we have the means to do so, only lack the courage and the will to do this.

The human being has this desire, just want to use it.

If we mature this idea that awakening is essential to our life that we do not want change, we will be disappointed people, because the indulgence of comfort zones reached a given time that will annoy people around us and so they started to question us and provoked discussions, and appeared to end more trouble, this "zone" can not solve.

So do not let your life get to that level of frustration and often full of regrets, then do something different, awaken the will to change, out of sameness, dare and so your life will be better.