Amid so many logos, every day there is a greater need to stand out, which is not an easy task, in this article, I will bring steps that should be followed on end to create a logo of success, to convey to customers your client what the company is and want to spend, that is practical and applicable to various means of dissemination.

This article is not about tips to "create the logo for the business card of John Mason." It is intended for creating logos for companies / medium and large businesses and designers who want to take a step forward towards its development.

1 Briefing | Start by planning

The briefing comes up a series of questions to ask in order to understand your customer and creation as a whole, a tool that will guide every project to success. Designers beginner usually skip this step as the customer says "I need a logo, my company is called XXXXX, I want you to use the color green," I've done it several times at the beginning of my career, but with the improvement and experience, was I understand the importance of planning to achieve more professional results and win bigger jobs.

So my dear friend designer, begin to define what their customers and want to be doing simple logos or want to move to another level of professionalism, check below some information that you need to extract the briefing, which can be a conversation or questions made directly.

1. Target Audience

If the target audience is young, for example, you can Work more freely using forms and fonts sharper bridge, different if the public is best preserved.

2. Strengths and weaknesses of your customer

If the company is new, you will not create a logo suggesting traditionalism, if the company has luggage, it is a strength to be used.

3. Do you have any idea in mind?

Never forget to ask this question, you can spend hours on end and his client did not approve their logos, as it already had something in mind, that was not what had been presented.

4. What means do you use to make your marketing?

If your customer uses more printed certainly a colorful logo will generate more printing costs.

These are just a few basic questions, as his meeting with the client is flowing, you should have a feeling to realize the needs and extract more information.

Do something else, for example, if your client has a carrier, put his logo on the side of a truck, something closer to practice for it to have the opportunity to see a possible application of what is being presented. Another tip is to make a business card template or letterhead with the logo applied, you may be wondering the extra work that will have, but in another post we will talk about how much to charge for a project, because all the time spent this briefing to presentation already It is included in the value of your proposal.

Over time, these steps will become practices of their day-to-day and will be used to them, you see how to become more productive and realize the evolution of their work.