Our commitment as well as our desire usually occurs in maximum terms. Perhaps we have problems with the length, direction and intensity of these efforts. To exchange their toes, occasionally ... But nothing to impede attempts. Incidentally, the fact is that almost always the dark side of the force is not lack of "motivation". On a regular array of character nothing seems to stop our steps towards a goal. There is often the opposite: those who so desire, the fastest and entrepreneurs always seem to be "restrained" in their initiatives. Sometimes this is prudent, most do not.

But, that is another matter. I mean: There are no proven impossibilities, even in which not completely Take Back the tools situations, processes or knowledge. Search 100% at all! The organization or free enterprise.

Examples: Who is that, as a boy, did not try to achieve that unlikely ball and ended up scoring a home run? Was Young talking to the unattainable princess and ended steady dating? Adult, engaged in a project to its full potential, not because the boss or the consultant recommended with that mantra about competitive advantage. But because the correct would be that way, if he wanted to-do excellent (in other words, the rational 360) and otherwise would not be acceptable! How many times have achieved "success" for the simple reason we meet together to a single director disposal, despite having an entire dissociated complementarity of us: the organization, tasks, goals, standards, others.

All took part at some point, has any strategy for achieving the objectives? No! Everything was according to our possibilities and according to our overview. How do we reach this level? Well, first there was the qualification and sensitivity. Then, it is not a place, a place of evidence, but rather a time. And in time, a set of conditions, the cause of which is the flow of interaction between body, consciousness, world and reality.

Whatever the situation, if we are there for all we can get a priori excellence and continuous performance. The being is said in many ways, but the human factor to be strategic should be given in full.

Acting in full, we exceeded expectations and we completed achievements. Devices and beliefs we use are allies and not resistant to the action.

This is the ontological mode, in which the gap missing in our expertise is completed by learning from the process as it unfolds and in which we are immersed. We become what we are, why we do well to go against this direction. It turns out that these situations only occur if we are passionate about what we do. This does not set a contract. It is a vision-perception that guides our steps, thoughts, abilities and feelings. It's full sympathy with the object of our attention, in a word, it is what the textbooks spend hundreds of pages to say and we do it in an instant, when we say our all. As I have said, nothing great is done without passion dose.

I am this fraction that looms large when integrated into the spectacle of life.

And organizations are only one instance of this condition. They are not there to live or justify our existence and, yes, we live for - being there - we can take the necessary solutions. We are at the dawn of a new era of relations, where the law will not be the rawness of "markets", but the fairness of transactions. How? That's right! Since the extraction of the commodity to the finished product, every step, we must answer a question and offer a guarantee.