After Manchester United's performance against Sunderland Sunday afternoon was somewhat lacking in something - possibly passion, Zlatan made us all giggle with his self-comparison to Benjamin Button, saying he was 'born old and will die young' stating he only gets better and wiser with age - we cannot disagree Zlatan after 28 goals for us this season he proves time and time again how brilliant he really is.

A good game...

Manchester United played a decent game of Football but Sunderland showed them up plenty of times, considering they're fighting against relegation Sunderland's passion and fight really showed through in their performance, their passing was good and their defence held Manchester off for the first half an hour of the game, then along come Benjamin Button!

What a goal! Showing off his skill, his speed, and brilliant finishing Zlatan showed Sunderland how it's done!

Once Man United went ahead it seemed to drain the Sunderland players of all their drive to win, Moyes seemed to be at his wit ends on the sideline and in the dug out, looking in despair at his team. Man United's passing was world class at times, and Pogba actually showed some promise of good things to come - hopefully, after Man United spending nearly £100 million on him I think we're all waiting for him to show why he has such a ridiculous price on his head.

Mourinho put a strong team out against Sunderland and it showed with a comfortable 3-0 win away, we could have done with a win at home, but any win is excellent, we need that 5th place, preferably 4th place!

Romero was a good cover for De Gea keeping a clean sheet helping our goal difference, although De Gea's cool demeanour that we all love was dearly missed!

Was Larsson wrongfully sent off?

Manchester was helped to their 3-0 win by playing against just 10 men after the 43rd minute, after Larsson was sent off for a dangerous tackle on Herrera which at first didn't look so bad because Herrera actually got up and tried to carry on but couldn't because Larsson had bashed his knee with his studs up - such a dangerous tackle to which Larsson was extremely lucky not to be sent off for - he should have been sent off for it, is this yet another case for Video Assisted Referees? I certainly think so, looking back to the infamous Coleman tackle poor man had his leg broken in two places after a very similar tackle in Ireland's 'friendly' against Wales.

I thought 'studs-up' tackles were illegal, totally against footballing rules.

So NO he was not wrongfully sent off at all, and the commentators agreed after some deliberation! Herrera was lucky to be able to walk away from that tackle, I bet like myself, Man United fans across the world were worried for Herrera who has become one of Man United's best play-makers and we definitely need him fit for Anderlecht during the week.

Thankfully no controversy here, ref got it right!

So, Benjamin Button.....will you score your 29th or even your 30th goal this week against Anderlecht or Chelsea, either one I'd be happy!