We are coming towards the end of the 2016/17 season of the Premier League and, while the title seems to be going to Chelsea barring some disaster, there is still a lot to play for. There is competition for places in the Top 4 and the relegation battle is very intense at this moment in time with several teams who could potentially go down. After the latest results, let’s take a look at how this has affected the season going forward:

Bournemouth vs. West Ham United

This was the most dramatic game of the weekend with Bournemouth missing two penalties yet they were still able to beat West Ham 3-2.

Striker Josh King was one of the players who missed one of the penalties. Still, King more than made up for this by scoring a hat-trick. Moreover, his third goal was an injury-time winner with the result helping Bournemouth move away from being dragged into a scrappy relegation battle. West Ham’s goal to finish in the Top 10 was hampered by this result and it showcased how inconsistent and disappointing their season has been.

Everton vs. West Brom

Everton have also had an up-and-down season but their 3-0 win against West Brom was definitely a great result and helps them in their ambitions to bring European football to Goodison Park next season. On the other hand, this result weakens West Brom’s chances to break into the Top 7.

Hull City vs. Swansea City

This was a huge game in relation to the relegation battle. Hull and Swansea are both in danger of going down and this was a must-win game for Hull. They handled the pressure and won 2-1 against Swansea. This gives Hull a fighting chance to survive while Swansea, who have had some great results recently, are now dragged back into an extremely tight relegation battle.

Liverpool vs. Burnley

Liverpool are fighting hard for a place in the Top 4 and, consequently, the Champions League and their 2-1 win against Burnley will have aided in that ambition. While Arsenal and Manchester United have games in hand against Liverpool, it puts the pressure on those teams to deliver in their games and keep the race for the Top 4 competitive. Burnley were not expected to win but they still need a couple more wins to avoid being dragged into the relegation battle.