Can you believe it? Manchester United football club is actually thinking about letting their legendary number 10 go on a free transfer, Sir Alex Ferguson should be livid! What's worse is that it seems like Rooney wants to go so badly that he is willing to accept a massive pay cut of up to half of what he's getting with the Red Devils.

It seems that Manchester United have forgotten what it is to be one of the top teams, they used to be the top team, unbeatable and exciting to watch. Not anymore! Not only have they decided to let their one remaining legends leave on a Bosman Free Transfer because his contract is up at the end of the Summer, but they're also thinking of letting De Gea go to Madrid, have they gone mad?

Is football as good as it used to be?

Not only that, but they have also succumbed to what is now accepted as good play - falling over like you've been shot and being nominated for an Oscar for doing so! That's not the man united I grew up with, they won because they could, not because they got lots of free kicks. This sort of thing used to be frowned upon, and should still be, now it's considered either a 'professional foul' or 'taking one for the team' of which I have heard commentators saying.

In my opinion, football is losing its morals and any sense of loyalty to their players. Wayne Rooney has worked his socks off to become a legend at Manchester United since a young man and has scored 250 goals; his footballing status is up there with the likes of Sir Bobby Charlton, Sir Matt Busby, and George Best - how could Man United even think of letting him leave well before he should?

Just doesn't seem right!

Like some mothers say, 'there's always a silver lining to every cloud'! The silver lining here is, if Rooney chooses Everton over China it appears that they may give us Romelu Lukaku as part of a deal, what an amazing exchange of talent! However, if Rooney chooses to make his billions by going to China, Manchester United are just letting him go for nothing.

As an avid Manchester United supporter I find this utterly ridiculous and insulting, if I was Rooney I'd be insulted! Fingers crossed Rooney wants a pay cut and goes to Everton, at least then all us fans can still watch his brilliance on Match of the Day @BBCMOTD very weekend.

We'll miss you Rooney, you absolute legend!