Did you watch Match of The Day last night? I lost count of how many fouls were missed, and how inconsistent the referees actually are. Watching the highlights of the Premiership games last night highlighted once again the massive need for video-assisted refereeing (VAR) technology. Mike Dean (the Jasper Carrot look alike!) missed so many fouls on the Manchester City players is was unbelievable to watch and I'm not even a Man City fan, actually a Man United fan! I was shouting at the TV as so many fans do!

I have seen this before with this referee and much more, favouring the London teams or the so-called 'bigger' teams in decisions on the pitch - I'm not going to deny that Man United do it too!

It's like they're scared to challenge the more famous players. one player, in particular, is Costa for Chelsea or Ibrahimovic for Man United, how many times have we seen them showing the referee the signal to give another player a booking? That's not up to them, they shouldn't be allowed to try and influence the referees, which they not only do with their gestures but with their over-dramatic diving and fouling, or should I say 'professional fouling'? There shouldn't be any type of fouling that is allowed, professional or not it is a foul.

Sofa referees...

I understand that watching a match on TV it is much easier to see fouls and other incidents that happen, and I understand that the referee has a difficult job, but what about the linesmen?

the fourth official? What does the fourth official actually do? Apart from having nice chats with the managers or holding up the substitutions or extra time signals, all they seem to do is watch the game with very little input at all.

Another ridiculous example is the Newcastle match yesterday against Burton Albion, once again there's been an incident that massively affected the game.

Newcastle had a penalty awarded but as it was taken Gayle ran into the area which is a wrongful action and the penalty should have been taken again - but it wasn't, instead the referee, who is normally pretty good, awarded a free kick to Burton - how can an experienced referee get the rules so wrong, everyone who knows Football knows the penalty should have been retaken.

Fair enough people can get things wrong, but were the linesmen and fourth officials asleep? Why didn't anyone pick up on the fact the referee didn't follow standard rules? The fans must have been going mad at this point. How can something like this get missed? Reviews of the incident afterwards were saying how the referee got such a basic rule so wrong. Howard Webb the refereeing legend even was questioning how people missed it. It's infuriating and completely unfair.

How can the FA not think that video refereeing is an urgent matter and that it will make the sport so much fairer?

Football seems to be one of the very few sports that doesn't have video analysis - Cricket has it, Rugby has it and so many more, and they are considered very fair sports, the players don't get away with any foul play, and if there is foul play it is caught and managed properly with the help of video analysis.

It doesn't make sense that the FA and FIFA are waiting around, trailing it to see if it's necessary, I think it's blindingly obvious that football is desperate for such a system. I know fans are desperate for it, we're sick of referees favouring the bigger teams, giving poor decisions or weak decisions, missing incidents and not booking players fairly, and even missing the most basic of footballing rules. If the crowd can see it why can't any of the officials? And when the manager's obviously absolutely fuming about a wrongful decision, like Sam Allardyce, it's because they are surfeited of it happening, understandably.

At the moment this technology is being trailed in the World Cup friendlies and the FA are considering trailing it in the FA Cup and possibly the Premier League next season, which is great but never mind trailing it, it should become standard practice.

I'm sure the referees and officials will welcome it because it will make their lives a lot easier and they'll get less ridicule for the mistakes they make.

It will make football better to watch, like the good old days where players didn't foul so regularly, it used to be an unusual thing for a player to get a red card, now it's unusual not to see a player get sent off when you're watching Match of the Day or watching a match live. And don't get me started on what the match commentators say - such bias can be funny but sometimes I wonder if they're watching the same match! Like I was watching the Man United versus Everton match on TV Tuesday evening and the disallowed goal by Ibrahimovic was yet another incident that could have been avoided had the VAR been in place, Howard Webb was commenting on the incident saying that the linesman was is a bad position to see that Ibrahimovic was actually not offside and the goal should have been allowed - have to say it was a brilliant goal - yet again I was shouting at the TV!

It's times like that where a win was vital for Man United and as I'm sure Mourinho would agree that sometimes it feels like the referee is against you or doesn't want a particular team to win, maybe this referee is more inclined towards Everton or maybe they want Arsenal, who are above Man United, to be in the top five more than they want Man United to be in the top five? Maybe it's a bout of paranoia but this bias in referees occurs too often for it not to be an issue: some referees have even admitted bias in the past.

How many more incidents, wrongful sending off's, wrongfully disallowed goals, and all the rest, does there need to be before the FA and FIFA realise that this VAR technology should be standard practice and not just be trialed? It's not good for us fans' stress levels!