A weekend full of footballing excitement is ahead of us! As the top four battle out the title race, at the other end of the table, the two North East teams Sunderland and Middlesbrough battle with relegation and it's an unfortunate truth that neither team look like they're going to survive. So all of you North East folk who were looking forward to the top three North East teams being in the Premiership, it's not going to happen I'm afraid.

Sunderland's recent performances have been somewhat of an improvement from earlier in the season, however, they still can't seem to win.

With Defoe being one of very few players with skills suitable for the Premiership, he can't do everything himself, not surprisingly there are rumours of him wanting to leave.

And Middlesbrough? Their form has completely turned around from the beginning of the season, they were playing well and now they can score but their defence is just abysmal, there's just no hope for them staying up.

Championship Promotion!

Here comes the Toon! Everyone knew it when they went down, everyone was saying 'they'll come straight back up' and they have, and not surprisingly! What a roller-coaster of a season for Newcastle United fans everywhere! Emotions have been high as players worked on a rotation system that was seriously questioned by fans before they started to believe in Rafa Benitez, their new God!

There is doubt over whether the club will spend the money on players for next season, I'm sure Rafa Benitez will sort that out.

With the last Championship games playing this weekend everyone's looking to the two leading places and who is going to win the title, with fantastic competitiveness there's a title race to the end!

And it's brilliant! AND it's in both the top leagues as Chelsea is still not safe and Tottenham is fighting them for the title. And to make things even more exciting the fixtures look to be unmissable! With Chelsea playing relegation battlers Middlesbrough and Tottenham playing West Ham - looks like an easy win for Tottenham with their current form, and who knows with Chelsea versus Middlesbrough, we all know that when a team is battling relegation they can play better than they ever have, so watch out Chelsea!

Manchester United are playing Arsenal a monumental battle for Champions League places; could be an interesting tie as both teams are challenged with questions about their managers as well as questioning about the player's attitudes, surely they should have something to prove this weekend not only to themselves but to their managers and fans.