Did you watch the Leicester game last night? Did you also notice how horrendously biased and unfair the Referee was? Does he need glasses or was he just asleep for most of the match? Well thinking about it, he couldn't have been asleep because he gave every decision to Athletico without fail, even things he shouldn't have given! Fair enough if the ref on the pitch didn't see an incident properly but what are the other officials doing when he gets it so badly wrong? Look at the penalty call in the 28th minute - is it just me or was it outside the box?

Yes, I believe it was! Even Robbie Savage on the TV who was commentating on the match said it was clearly outside the box, the referee was standing right next to the supposed foul and still gave the penalty? How is this possible? How can the 'officials' get it so wrong?

Why are Referees so incompetent?

I watch every match on the TV and whether it's lower leagues or Champions league and the inconsistency with the referees is most definitely getting worse. I think the problem is the lack of clarity with a lot of the rules, many of them are open to interpretation, which isn't right for a sport - the rules should be clear cut and easy to enforce and should definitely not be open to interpretation, it's not an art form it's a sport.

The whole point of a sport is to have rules to make the game fair and for the players and anyone involved to adhere to those rules and not have their opinion interfere with the decisions being made. This just doesn't happen; it is clear to see in every game I watch that referees favour some teams over others, and last night it was blatantly obvious Jonas Eriksson favoured Athletico Madrid, clearly he did not want Leicester to win, there were so many incidents where Leicester should have had a free-kick or the opposition should have had a yellow card and it was just ignored.

Not only that but he actually missed a penalty for Athletico Madrid which was more of a penalty than the one given which was outside the box anyway! He also missed a penalty for Leicester, he missed so many things it is fundamentally unacceptable especially at such a high level of Football; mind you, I wouldn't expect such bad refereeing even in the non-league games.

Ex-Man United legend speaks out against Jonas Eriksson.

Peter Schmeichel has spoken out against the referee for Leicester's game last night saying that the 'Swedish referee is hopeless' on Twitter! Probably furious to see his son's team get cheated out of a game they deserved to win. Athletico Madrid wouldn't have won if they didn't get that penalty, they were playing defensively but when they tried to attack they were useless! Griezmann their so-called superstar was running around trying to do everything but ended up not really doing anything!

Whereas Leicester in the second half came out fighting, they dominated the second half and deserved a win out of it, but they didn't get any decisions despite players falling over left right and centre.

The officials must have been asleep for this match! Craig Shakespeare must be absolutely livid with how unfairly his team was treated last night.

Surely this is yet another case for Video Assisted Referees, we need them desperately because football is becoming known for players cheating and 'bending' the rules. It should not be acceptable.