The weekend's footballing antics proved worth watching once again! The Curse of the 13 points has struck Chelsea like a hammer to the head!

Don't know what the 13 point curse is? If a team is 13 points top of the Premiership before Christmas they always seem to lose it! Newcastle United famously lost it in 1995/96 season when Manchester United took the title away from them, crushing the dreams of every Toon fan across the world. Can Tottenham or Man City or Liverpool or even Man United crush the dreams of so many fair-weather Chelsea fans?! Looks like it - and it's so exciting!

The last few games of the season are always the most exciting, watching the relegation battles and the title battles, such brilliant entertainment!

Totally outplayed!

Yesterday Manchester United totally outplayed Chelsea at the Theatre of Dreams! Showing them up for the bad losers they are and playing like they did last season - falling over at the slightest touch and acting like they've been shot and trying to manipulate the ref to give out bookings; never mind focusing on trying to play decent football, they could barely string a couple of passes together! It was embarrassing for anyone involved with Chelsea, the player's attitudes were terrible and exactly what is making the sport less of a sport.

The referee was brilliant, however, which makes a change, he didn't give in to the manipulation tactics from the Chelsea players, booking Costa and Fabregas deservedly so, did you see Costa's reaction? Did it remind anyone else of when cats get their heckles up and walk around slowly?!

As an avid Manchester United fan watching the game was extremely satisfying, it was brilliant to see the young ones coming in and performing amazingly skillfully, and did you notice when Ibrahimovic came on the game slowed down, we didn't have as many chances, obviously it was a tactical substitution because we'd clearly won the game by then, but it shows how brilliant Rashford and Lingard are, they link up amazingly, it's like they can read each other's minds!

I haven't seen such fantastic team work from the Man United players for a while.

Could someone else win the title?!

Chelsea's last few results haven't been terrible, their loss to Crystal Palace and Man United have put them in a majorly close title race. After being top by the cursed 13 points before Christmas they have let themselves go a bit, you can see how the players are started to get tired and frustrated, trying to cheat more to get easy free kicks - they're definitely worried, and they should be!

No team can afford to get complaisant as history has shown time after time, even a 13 point lead doesn't guarantee you the title. My money's on Tottenham winning it - would be a nice change. Although, I have to say it was much more exciting last year when Leicester won it - the unexpected underdogs no one came close to them! They were true champions, no arrogance there whatsoever unlike Chelsea, it's like they expect to win the title and get annoyed and moody when they don't win! Will the curse be lifted or have Chelsea lost already?